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History Master's Degree Requirements

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The Master of Arts Degree Program

Each M.A. candidate selects a major area of concentration from those offered by the Graduate Program in History. The M.A. areas offered include the following: United States, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and East Asia.

Language Proficiency
All M.A. candidates must demonstrate a reading knowledge in one foreign language. U.S. history specialists may substitute proficiency in an alternative tool of research.

Course Work
1. Each student must obtain 30-32 credits, at least 24 of which must be in the 600-800 series.
2. Students may write a Master’s thesis for 8 credits as a substitute for two courses in the 600-800 series, one of which may be a research seminar.
3. At least two historiography courses are required.
4. Three courses, or two with an assistantship, is the normal load per semester.

Concentration in Public History

Available to regular M.A. candidates, this concentration develops skills in archival management, editing, and historical preservation.
Candidates are required to obtain 34 credits, of which six are in designated courses from related disciplines and six in practicum/internship.

Concentration in Global History

The Concentration in Global History is available to M.A. candidates, who must complete eight courses–two in global historiography, two writing seminars, and four 600-level courses, at least two of which must be comparative or Third World courses. All other requirements for the regular M.A. apply, including the foreign language requirement. For further details, contact the Graduate Program Director.