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Hispanic Literatures & Linguistics Courses

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All courses carry 3 credits unless otherwise specified.

512 The Spanish Language Minority in the U.S.
Literary, social, psychological and dialectical aspects of language; characteristics and values of the Hispanic minorities. Emphasis on Puerto Ricans and Cubans.

520 Spanish Literature to 1500
Spanish literature in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

521 Spanish Medieval Poetry
Spanish epic, lyric poetry and other verse of the period.

522 Spanish Medieval Prose
Narrative, historical and didactic prose works of medieval Spain.

531 Prose of the Golden Age
Major prose works in 16th- and 17th-century Spain. Emphasis on the novel, excluding the Quijote.

532 Lyric Poetry of the Golden Age
Spanish poetry of the 16th and 17th centuries from Garcilaso to Gongora.

533 Drama of the Golden Age
The Spanish comedia during the period of maximum creation, 1556-1681.

534 Cervantes
Intensive study of the Quijote.

540 Spanish Literature from 1700 through Romanticism
Spanish literature and thought in the 18th century and the Romantic movement.

541 19th-Century Spanish Novel
Prose fiction in the second half of the 19th century.

545 Modern Spanish Theater
Development of the theater in Spain from the post-Romantic period to the present.

546 20th-Century Spanish Prose Fiction
The novel in Spain from the Generation of ’98 to the present.

547 Modern Spanish Poetry
Poetry in Spain from Becquer to the present.

548 The Essay in Modern Spain
The essay from the late 19th century to the present. Emphasis on both style and content.

550 Spanish-American Literature to Independence
A general view; intensive study of selected major works.

551 Spanish-American Literature from Independence to Modernism
A general view; intensive study of selected major works.

552 The Modernist Movement
Modernismo in Spanish America, including a comparative study of its manifestations in Spain.

553 Spanish-American Poetry Since Modernism
Principal authors and movements of the 20th century.

554 Modern Spanish-American Drama
Principal playwrights and currents of the 20th-century theater.

555 Modern Spanish-American Prose Fiction
Spanish-American prose fiction in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

557 Hispanic Literature of the Caribbean
Comparative study of development of the literature of Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, and of historical, cultural and socio-political factors that shaped it.

558 The Spanish-American Essay
The essay in Spanish America from the Discovery to the present as a literary genre and as a reflection of the various processes that have helped to shape Spanish America and create its cultural identity.

575 Teaching of Spanish to English Speakers
Analysis of the major problems anticipated in the teaching of Spanish, and their solutions.

579 The Structure of Modern Spanish
Syntax and morphology of contemporary Spanish. Analysis of the oral and written systems from the points of view of modern grammatical theories. Structural differences between Spanish and English; problems of interference for the nonnative.

583 Introduction to Romance Philology
See FRENCH 583.

672 Hispanic Dialectology
Diachronic and synchronic survey of the dialects of Spain, Spanish America and the Hispanic Caribbean. (Area emphasized may vary.)

674 Bilingualism and Language Contact
Survey of the history of contact between different linguistic and cultural groups, and of the nature and consequences of the contacts. Emphasis on the Hispanic world and Spanish and Portuguese-speaking groups in the U.S.

699 Master’s Thesis
Credit, 6.

724 Seminars in Early Medieval Literature
Phases of Spanish literature of the 12th and 13th centuries. Credit, 3-12.

725 Seminars in Late Medieval Literature
Phases of Spanish literature of the 14th and 15th centuries. Credit, 3-12.

733 Seminars in Golden Age Drama
Development and apogee of the Spanish comedia in the Golden Age. Credit, 3-12.

740 Seminars in 18th-Century Spanish Literature
Credit, 3-12.

741 Seminars in 19th-Century Spanish Prose
Credit, 3-12.

743 Seminars in 19th-Century Spanish Poetry and Drama

Credit, 3-12.

745 Seminars in 20th-Century Spanish Poetry and Drama
Credit, 3-12.

746 Seminars in 20th-Century Prose
The novel, short story, and essay in modern Spain. Credit, 3-12.

753 Seminars in Spanish-American Poetry and Drama
Spanish-American poets and dramatists, individually or in movements. Credit, 3-12.

756 Seminars in Spanish-American Prose
The novel, short story, chronicle, or essay in Spanish America. Credit, 3-12.

771 Seminars in Spanish Language and Linguistics
Development of Spanish and its relationship to other Romance languages. Phases of Hispanic linguistics. Credit, 3-12.

775 Seminars in Hispanic Language and Literature
Phases of Spanish language and Hispanic literature that involve more than one area or period. Credit, 3-12.

781 Seminars in Intellectual and Aesthetic Movements
Intellectual and aesthetic currents in the Hispanic world. Credit, 3-12.

796 Independent Study
Directed study in some phase of linguistics or literature. Credit, 1-6.

896 Independent Study
Directed study in some phase of linguistics or literature. Credit, 1-6.

899 Doctoral Dissertation
Credit, 12.