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French and Francophone Studies and Italian Studies Master Degree Requirements

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Master's Programs

The graduate program offers several options at this level for students with a variety of backgrounds and career objectives: the Master of Arts (M.A.) in French and Francophone Studies for students who have a strong preparation in French at the undergraduate level (a major or possibly minor) and who want to undertake more advanced work in French studies (French language and linguistics, literature, cultural studies or literary theory); the Portfolio M.A. in French and Francophone Studies, intended particularly for candidates whose background or objectives do not fall within the traditional pattern, which is especially appropriate for those who have a professional goal other than teaching and/or who are interested in designing a program with an interdisciplinary emphasis, or for those who have an unusual background in French, such as extensive residence and work experience in a French-speaking country, and who would like to integrate this experience with the intellectual discipline of graduate study; and the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) in both French and Francophone Studies and Italian Studies, a preprofessional degree for those planning to teach in secondary schools.

Students whose preparation is deficient in certain areas may be required to do remedial work once admitted to the program, but such work may not be counted toward the degree. Students transferring from other institutions may be granted up to nine semester hours toward the M.A.T. and up to six toward the M.A.

The M.A. and M.A.T. programs require a terminal examination following the completion of coursework. A brief outline of the M.A. level degree requirements follows. More detailed information can be obtained by writing to the Graduate Program Director.

M.A. Degree Requirements

The following special requirements must be met:
1. A minimum of 30 graduate credit hours (up to 6 credits may be transferred).
2. Required courses. Three of the four courses listed below:
FRENCHST 670 Expository Prose (3 credits) Native French-speakers may substitute another course.
FRENCHST 681 French Civilization (3 credits)
FRENCHST 683 Textual and Literary Analysis (3 credits)
FRENCHST 801 Contemporary French Literary Theory (3 credits). Specific title and content would vary.
3. Distribution requirements. Four courses, one from each of the following:
Medieval or Renaissance
17th or 18th Century
19th or 20th Century
Francophone Studies
4. An examination, both written and oral, based on a reading list, is given upon satisfactory completion of course requirements.

M.A. Thesis
Candidates may elect to write an M.A. thesis for six of the 30 required semester hours of credit. This option makes it possible to explore one aspect of French or Francophone literature or culture in greater depth.

A student who elects this option must have the approval of his or her M.A. adviser and of the Graduate Program Director. The thesis may be written in either French or English; the choice, requiring the approval of the thesis director, depends upon the student’s preparation and objectives.

Portfolio M.A. Degree Requirements

Students admitted to this option are expected to draw up a tentative course of study and to write a rationale. A Guidance Committee works with the student to transform the proposal into a realistic, manageable program and draws up a list of courses and independent projects to be completed for the M.A.

The Portfolio M.A. consists of 33 credits, including three for the compilation and revision of the Portfolio materials and six for the required M.A. Thesis. While no specific course is required, candidates take a minimum of one graduate course in the three basic areas of: language, literature, and civilization. The Master’s examination is based on the portfolio, a reading list, courses taken, and the M.A. Thesis.

M.A.T. Degree Requirements

The graduate program offers programs of study in French and Italian language and literature combined with professional preparation leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Teaching. The primary aim of the program is to prepare students with a B.A. degree to become effective classroom teachers at the secondary school level. Students completing this approved program earn a Massachusetts Initial License (Teacher of French or Italian, 5-12).

Required coursework in French is as follows:
1. FRENCHST 670 Expository Prose (3 cr)
Native French-speakers may substitute another course.
2. FRENCHST 697 French and Francophone Literature and Civilization for High School Teaching (3 cr)
3. Literature, Culture and Civilization courses, of which at least three credits must be in literature and three credits in civilization. These courses include one elective. (12 cr)
4. FRENCHED 572 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages. This course is waived for students entering the program with initial licensure or substantial teaching experience. (3 cr)
5. FRENCHED 573 Advanced Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages (3 cr)
6. FRENCHED 774 Foreign Language Research or an equivalent research course (3 cr)
7. FRENCHED 500U Student Teaching (6 cr)
8. Courses to be determined by the School of Education (14 cr).

Forty-seven credits total (44 credits for students for whom 572 is waived).

A written examination based on a reading list of eight works submitted by the student is given during the student’s final semester.

Required coursework in Italian is as follows:
1. 18 credits of Italian studies at the 500 level. Up to six credits may be transferred with approval of the Italian graduate adviser.
2. ITALIAN 572 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages. (3 cr)
3. FRENCHED 573 Advanced Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages (3 cr)
4. ITALIAN 500U Student Teaching (6 cr)
5. Courses required by the School of Education (14 cr)

Forty-four credits total.

French and Francophone Studies

In addition to the courses listed below, other Special Topics courses (597, 697, 797, 897; credit 1-3) may focus on major authors, literary movements, critical theory, film studies, Provencal studies, etc., depending on student and faculty interests. Independent Study courses are offered under 596, 696, 796, 896; credit, 1-6.

Courses at the 500 level are open to both advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Note: A minimum of 12 credit hours must be taken in courses at the 600 level and above for the M.A. degree.