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Education Faculty

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Graduate Faculty

Christine B. McCormick, Professor and Dean of the School of Education, B.A., Purdue, 1977; M.S., 1979; Ph.D., Wisconsin at Madison, 1981.

Linda L. Griffin, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, B.S., Black Hills State, 1976; M.S., Ithaca, 1986; Ph.D., Ohio State, 1991.

Marjorie Magouirk Colbert, Senior Lecturer and Assistant Dean, B.S.E., Kansas, 1973; M.S.E., 1981; Ph.D., Wisconsin at Madison, 1994.

Theresa Y. Austin, Associate Professor, B.A., California at Los Angeles, 1976; M.A., 1980; Ph.D., 1991.

Flávio S. Azevedo, Assistant Professor, B.S., Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, 1985; M.S., Texas A&M, 1995; Ph.D., California at Berkeley, 2005.

Benita Barnes, Assistant Professor, B.A., Michigan State, 1982; M.A., 1999; M.A., 2003; Ph.D., 2005.

Joseph B. Berger, Associate Professor, B.A., Lawrence University, 1986; M.A., Bowling Green, 1990; Ph.D., Vanderbilt, 1997.

Mary Lynn Boscardin, Professor, B.S., Illinois, 1975; M.S., Wisconsin, 1976; Ph.D., Illinois, 1984.

Maria José Botelho, Assistant Professor, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1984; B.A., 1996; M.Ed., 1996; Ed.D., 2004.

John C. Carey, Professor, B.A., King’s College, 1974; M.S., Wisconsin, 1977; Ph.D., 1979; Ph.D., Wyoming, 1984.

John J. Clement, Professor, A.B., Harvard, 1968; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1976.

Kathleen S. Davis, Associate Professor, B.S., Eastern Illinois, 1971; M.S., National-Louis University, 1991; Ph.D., Colorado at Boulder, 1996.

Catherine L. Dimmitt, Associate Professor, B.A., Wesleyan, 1985; M.Ed., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1990; Ph.D., 1995.

Andrew Effrat, Professor, B.A., Princeton, 1961; Ph.D., Harvard, 1970.

Jeffrey W. Eiseman, Associate Professor, B.A., Stanford, 1962; M.A., Michigan, 1964; Ph.D., 1971.

Portia C. Elliott, Professor, B.A., Fisk, 1969; M.A., Michigan, 1970; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1974.

David R. Evans, Professor, B.A., Oberlin, 1959; M.Sc., Illinois, 1961; Ph.D., Stanford, 1969.

Allan Feldman, Professor, B.A., New York, 1972; M.A., Columbia, 1973; Ph.D., Stanford, 1993.

John M. Francisco, Assistant Professor, B.A., Pedagogical University, Mozambique, 1992; M.Ed., Rutgers, 1999; Ph.D., 2004.

Kathleen Gagne, Lecturer, B.S.E., Westfield State, 1970; M.Ed., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1983; Ed.D., 1992.

Rebecca Gajda, Assistant Professor, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1991; M.A., Northern California, 1997; Ph.D., Colorado State, 2001.

Sally Galman, Assistant Professor, B.A., Grinnell, 1996; M.A., Colorado at Boulder, 1998; Ph.D., 2005.

Margaret Gebhard, Associate Professor, B.A., New York at Binghamton, 1986; M.A., Syracuse, 1989; Ph.D., California at Berkeley, 1999.

Ronald K. Hambleton, Distinguished University Professor, B.A., University of Waterloo, 1966; M.A., Toronto, 1967; Ph.D., 1969.

Claire E. Hamilton, Associate Professor, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1981; M.Ed., 1986; Ph.D., California at Los Angeles, 1994.

John M. Hintze, Professor, B.A., New York at Cortland, 1982; M.A., Alfred, 1984; Ph.D., Lehigh, 1994.

Denise K. Ives, Assistant Professor, B.S., Brigham Young, 1994; M.A., Saginaw Valley State, 2002; Ph.D., Michigan State, 2008.

Bailey W. Jackson, Associate Professor, M.Ed., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1972; Ed.D., 1976.

Sangeeta G. Kamat, Associate Professor, B.A., Sophia College, India, 1985; M.A., The Tata Institute of Social Science, India, 1988; Ph.D., Pittsburgh, 1998.

Alfred L. Karlson, Associate Professor, B.A., Antioch, 1964; M.Ed., Tufts, 1966; Ph.D., Chicago, 1972.

Lisa A. Keller, Assistant Professor, B.S., Saint Michael’s College, 1993; M.S., Massachusetts at Amherst, 2002; Ed.D., 2002.

Michael P. Krezmien, Assistant Professor, B.A., Chicago, 1995; M.A., Texas at Austin, 2001; Ph.D., Maryland, 2007.

Richard T. Lapan, Professor, B.A., St. Anselm, 1972; M.A., Duquesne, 1974; Ph.D., Utah, 1987.

Barbara J. Love, Associate Professor, B.A., Arkansas State AM&N College, 1965; M.A., Arkansas, 1967; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1972.

Sandra R. Madden, Assistant Professor, B.S., Western Michigan, 1987; M.A., 1993; M.S., 2003; Ph.D., 2008.

Barbara Madeloni, Lecturer, B.A., Hamilton College, 1981; M.Ed., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1998; Psy.D., Denver, 1989.

Robert W. Maloy, Senior Lecturer, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1969; M.A.T., 1971; Ed.D., Boston University, 1976.

Amanda M. Marcotte, Assistant Professor, B.A., Providence College, 1996; M.Ed., Massachusetts, 2003; Ph.D., 2006.

William J. Matthews, Professor, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1974; M.A., Connecticut, 1977; Ph.D., 1979.

Shederick A. McClendon, Lecturer, B.S., Morehouse, 1992; M.P.H., Pittsburgh, 1994.

Kathryn A. McDermott, Associate Professor, B.A., Lehigh, 1990; M.A., Yale, 1991; M.Phil., 1993; Ph.D., 1997.

Jacqueline Mosselson, Assistant Professor, B.A., Tufts, 1994; M.I.A., Columbia, 1997; M.Ed./M.Ph., 2000; Ph.D., 2002.

J. Kevin Nugent, Professor, B.A., Boston College, 1976; M.Ed., 1976; Ph.D., 1980.

Howard A. Peelle, Professor, B.S., Swarthmore, 1965; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1971.

Margaret E. Pierce, Assistant Professor, B.A., Swarthmore, 1995; Ed.M., Harvard, 1998; Ed.D., 2006

Sharon F. Rallis, Dwight W. Allen Distinguished Professor, B.A., Wellesley, 1968; Ed.M., Harvard, 1977; Ed.D., 1982.

Jennifer Randall, Assistant Professor, B.A., Duke, 1996; M.A.T., 1999; Ph.D., Emory, 2007.

Gretchen B. Rossman, Professor, B.A., Pennsylvania, 1966; M.S., 1968; Ph.D., 1983.

Masha K. Rudman, Professor, B.A., Hunter, 1953; M.S., 1956; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1970.

Stanley E. Scarpati, Associate Professor, B.S., C. W. Post, 1968; M.A., Northern Colorado, 1978; Ed.D., 1980.

Clement A. Seldin, Professor, B.A., Adelphi, 1970; M.Ed., Boston University, 1971; Ed.D,, Massachusetts at Amherst, 1976.

Stephen G. Sireci, Professor, B.A., Loyola College, 1985; M.A., 1987; Ph.D., Fordham, 1993.

Cristine A. Crispin Smith, Assistant Professor, B.A., California State at Chico, 1978; B.A., California at Santa Cruz, 1983; M.S., Cornell, 1985; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1997.

Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Associate Professor, B.A., Westfield State, 1971; M.A., Mount Holyoke College, 1972; Ed.D., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1978.

Florence Sullivan, Assistant Professor, B.A., New College of California, 1995; M.A., San Francisco State, 1999; Ed.M., Teachers College, Columbia University, 2001; Ph.D., 2005.

Charu Nat Turner, Assistant Professor, B.A., Brown, 1999; Ed.M., Harvard, 2001; Ph.D., California at Berkeley, 2008.

Laura A. Valdiviezo, Assistant Professor, B.A., Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, 1993; M.A., Clark, 1996; Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia, 2006.

Ruth-Ellen Verock-O’Loughlin, Lecturer, B.A., Massachusetts at Amherst, 1994; M.Ed., 2001; Ed.D., 2006.

Ernest D. Washington, Professor, B.A., Southern Illinois, 1958; B.A., Minnesota, 1960; M.A., Illinois, 1965; Ph.D., 1968.

Craig Wells, Assistant Professor, B.S., Castleton State College, 1993; M.S., Wisconsin at Madison, 2000; Ph.D., 2004.

Ryan S. Wells, Assistant Professor, B.S., Iowa State, 1995; M.A., Iowa, 2004; Ph.D., 2008.

Kim X. Whitehead, Lecturer, B.S., Morgan State, 1974; M.S., Johns Hopkins, 1982; Ph.D. Maryland at College Park, 1996.

Jerri Willett, Professor, B.A., Florida, 1967; M.A., San Francisco, 1971; M.Ed., Hong Kong, 1980; Ph.D., Stanford, 1987.

Ximena U. Zúñiga, Associate Professor, M.E., Universidad Católica de Chile, 1979; M.A., Michigan, 1982; Ph.D., 1992.

Adjunct/Associate Faculty

Gary D. Malaney, Coordinator, Student Assessment, Research, and Evaluation Office.

Linda Marchesani, Manager, Training and Development.

Thomas Murray, Senior Research Fellow, School of Cognitive Science, Hampshire College.

Mathew L. Ouellett, Associate Director, Center for Teaching.

J. Michael Royer, Professor of Psychology. 

Mei-Yau Shih, Coordinator of Teaching Technologies, Center for Teaching.

Martha L.A. Stassen, Director of Assessment, Office of Academic Planning and Assessment.

Beverly Woolf, Research Associate Professor of Computer Science.