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Chinese Master's Degree Requirements

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M.A. Degree Requirements
Students are required to complete at least thirty hours of course work and six hours of Master’s Thesis. Up to six credits of appropriate course work at the graduate level from other institutions may be accepted with the approval of the graduate committee. It is expected that most suitably prepared students will be able to finish all requirements for the degree within two academic years. For students emphasizing linguistics, CHINESE 576 and 577 are required. For those emphasizing classical literature, CHINESE 552, 555, and 556 are required. For those emphasizing modern literature, CHINESE 526 and 527 are required. CHINESE 580 is required for all Teaching Assistants.

Course work is to be distributed as follows:

A. Required Courses (18 credits)
1. 528 Chinese Language in Contexts
2. 570 Research in Chinese Source Materials
3. 575 Syntactic Structures of Chinese
4. 626 Expository Writing
5. 660 Problems and Methods in Translation
6. 691 Graduate Seminar in Chinese

B. Electives (12 credits)
To be selected from the advanced-level courses (those numbered 500 and above) existing in the department. Certain courses from other departments may also be accepted with the approval of the graduate committee.

C. Thesis (6 credits) and Examination
Before starting the thesis the student must pass a general examination, not necessarily limited to the thesis topic. The examination will be administered by a committee appointed by the graduate adviser.