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Faculty and Staff Pledges Will Again be Matched

October 19, 2010
In the Loop
Faculty and Staff Pledges Will Again be Matched

After a banner effort last year in which more than 1,500 campus employees gave more than $1.2 million to the Faculty and Staff Campaign, leaders of the annual fundraising effort are hoping that a repeat of a $500,000 matching gift program will generate even better results.

This year’s campaign begins next week with a mailing to campus staff and faculty, according to Tom Navin, director of Annual Giving in the Development Office. Like last year, pledges made by Dec. 31 by current and retired faculty and staff will be matched dollar for dollar, up to the $10,000 level.

This year’s campaign is being co-chaired by Joseph F. Bartolomeo, professor and chair of the English Department; Cynthia Suopis, senior lecturer in University Without Walls, and Johnny Whitehead, chief of the UMass Amherst Police Department.

“Private support is more important than ever,” says a letter from the three co-chairs accompanying this year’s appeal. “Those of us who dedicate our work lives to this campus every day see the important role philanthropy plays in enhancing the lives of our students and the reputation of UMass Amherst.”

Details of the matching programs are spelled out in the mailing and on the Faculty and Staff Campaign website.

Current employees can opt for payroll deduction and forms are available online. Gifts may also be made with credit or debit cards at the campaign website.

More information:  Faculty and Staff Campaign 2010