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Alum’s Gift Allows Campus to Test its Metal

June 30, 2010
In the Loop
Alum’s Gift Allows Campus to Test its Metal

A 1984 alumnus of the Isenberg School of Management’s undergraduate program in management has given the campus an in-kind gift of four walk-through metal detectors and 16 hand-held metal scanners. Three of the four standing units will be used at the Mullins Center, and one is being assigned to the UMass Amherst Police Department, according to Andrew Clendinneng, development director for the School of Nursing.

The gift comes from Ajay Mehra of Palos Verde, California, CEO of Rapiscan Systems of Torrance, California, a “global supplier for high-quality security inspection solutions.” Included as part of the in-kind gift are four Metor 150 scanners and 15 Metor 28 hand-held loop scanners.

The gift is valued at $25,968.

Clendinneng said that Mehra’s gift has also open a dialogue focusing on possible research collaborations between Rapiscan and the UMass Amherst Department of Polymer Science and Engineering and the Department of Chemistry.

Mehra has many connections to the university, according to Clendinneng. His wife Jane is a 1985 alumna of the College of Natural Sciences; and Rapiscan is a subsidiary of OSI Systems, whose CEO is Mehra’s cousin Deepak Chopra, who earned a degree in electrical engineer at UMass Amherst in 1973 and is not related to the American doctor and lecturer in Ayurvedic healing of the same name.