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Cultural Ties: New Scholarship Links UMass Amherst and China

August 12, 2008
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Cultural Ties: New Scholarship Links UMass Amherst and China

When Haohao Guo crossed the threshold of Brooks Residential Hall last fall to begin his freshman year, his arrival on campus was the last step in a 20-hour flight from his homeland of China.

His trans-global trip was made possible by an alumnus who endowed a scholarship at the Isenberg School of Management for cross-cultural education. Paul Carney ’82, a business executive with many connections to China, created the scholarship and Guo is the first-ever Carney Scholar.

The 19-year-old from Guangzhou (known in English as Canton), with a double major in sport management and accounting, says, “Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t have this great opportunity, since educational expenses are unaffordable for most Chinese families.” Once his studies are complete, he plans to return to China.

Guo is just the kind of international student Carney hoped to reach. “The more we can share between people, the greater the understanding. We will have a better world, a world less likely to have conflict,” he says. “Education is a critical component to that work.”

The Carney Scholarship also helps the campus and Massachusetts to build economic ties with China. “As they go on in their careers, these scholars will carry the UMass Amherst maroon flag,” notes Carney. “They will spread the name of UMass Amherst around the world as a great institution of higher learning.”

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