Internships in Germany for Americans


Howard R. Swearer International Service Fellowship

The Swearer Fellowship is a full-time summer fellowship for current sophomore, junior, and senior students who want to spend the summer pursuing international service work. Students on Financial Aid will be given priority in the application process. The work can be of the student’s own design or can be a pre-existing internship. Funds may not be used to pay fees for service programs nor may it be used for tuition. Awards range up to $3500.

Deadline: March 15th

Program dates: June - August

Fees: none

Field: International service work

Labels: summer, fellowship


Deutsche Gesellschaft e.V. Praktikum

Students accepted into this program receive work experience lasting at least three months in event management, PR, and or office management.  Applicants should be interested in political, social, or cultural German or European studies, should have good computer skills, be independent, organized, flexible and enthusiastic.  Those with a good knowledge of the German political system, foreign languages, especially Eastern European languages, and business management are preferred.

Deadline: Rolling

Program dates: Depends on internship

Fees: none

Field: German Studies

Labels: internship


Transatlantic Program (TAP)

Since 2005 the Transatlantic Program has annually offered a select group of U.S. students the opportunity to gain practical work experience in a total immersion environment in Germany, Europe’s largest economy. The program enables students in the fields such as renewable energies, engineering and business to gain practical skills for their future careers, to improve their foreign language abilities and to learn first-hand about the German business environment and culture. The program is intended for juniors and seniors who are concentrating in Engineering, Business Administration, International Relations or Renewable Energies but other fields of study are also welcome. Two years of college level German is required.

Deadline: June 15th

Program dates: July - August

Fees: n/a; stipend of ~$2,500; travel and housing stipends not provided

Field: business, language study, German studies, international relations, engineering

Labels: summer, internship, study abroad

n.b. the summer TAP is indefinitely suspended due to finances


Study & Internship Program (SIP) in Germany

UAS7, in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), invites sophomore and juniors to apply for this unique educational experience involving one semester of study at one of the UAS7 (seven German Universities of applied science), followed by a six-month internship in a company or research institute in Germany. During the six months of university study, each student
waived tuition fees
app. € 700 per month for living expenses, including a
monthly contribution to cover health and accident
liability insurance
and € 850 contribution to travel expenses. Students concentrating in engineering, science, life sciences; business, management, economics; architecture, art, design; journalism, social work are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: February 15th

Program dates: August - July

Fees: n/a; € 700 monthly stipend, € 850 contribution to travel expenses

Field: Engineering, Computer Science, Science, Life Sciences, Business, Management and Economics, Architecture, Art and Design, Social Work, Journalism

Labels: study abroad, internship, scholarship, full academic year


Baden-Württemberg Fellowship

The objective of the Baden-Württemberg-Stipendium for University students is to promote the international exchange of highly qualified German and foreign students. Moreover, the program aims to encourage links between the universities in Baden-Württemberg and their foreign partners and to develop and strengthen these bonds on a reciprocal basis. Brown partners with the University of Tübingen and this grant may be used to study abroad at the university. The program consists of a one month language course at the Carl Duisberg Centrum, a language school in Radolfzell, Germany, followed with a two-month internship in a business or technical field.

Deadline: December 1st

Program dates: June - August

Fees: n/a; free accommodations and  €300/month stipend

Field: business, technical fields

Labels: fellowship, study abroad, summer, language study


Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals is a full-year work-study scholarship program with a strong focus on cultural exchange. CBYX annually provides 75 young Americans with an understanding of everyday life, education, and professional training in Germany. The program begins in July and includes two months of intensive German language training in Germany (no prior German language knowledge required), four months of classroom instruction at a German university or college of applied sciences, and a five-month internship in a participant’s career field.

The CBYX for Young Professionals program is intended primarily for young adults in business, technical, vocational, and agricultural fields, though applicants from all fields are encouraged to apply. Participants actively participate in securing their internship positions with assistance from CDS’s partner organization in Germany, InWEnt, and are expected to cover incidental expenses as well as represent the U.S. diplomatically while abroad.

Deadline: December 1st

Program dates: July - May

Fees: n/a; Full-year scholarship including round-trip transatlantic flight, university tuition, language training, living stipend, and program-related travel costs in Germany

Field: language study, German studies, business, technical, vocational and agricultural fields

Labels: Fellowship, language study, study abroad, internship


Émigré Memorial German Internship Program

The Émigré Memorial German Internship Program–German State Parliaments (EMGIP) is a fellowship program that provides U.S. and Canadian students with internships at a German state parliament (Landtag). Internships afford students an excellent opportunity to gain government work experience, improve their advanced German language skills, and learn about German culture firsthand. EMGIP is ideal for students planning on pursuing careers at a regional level of government in the U.S. or Canada, or who have an interest in a specific policy issue such as the environment, education and / or healthcare.

EMGIP runs three times a year—fall, spring, and early summer—for one to three months, depending on elections, holiday schedules and state offices’ preferences. While participants have some flexibility as to when they would like to do their internship, late summer and the winter holiday season are not feasible. Applicants must be fluent in German.

Deadline: October 1 for spring; December 1 for early summer; March 31 for fall

Program dates: depends on program

Fees: n/a  €500/month stipend

Field: Public policy, political science

Labels: Internship, semester, summer


Brown Internship Award Program and Aided Internship Award Program

Each year, the Brown Internship Award Program offers funding for unpaid or low paying summer internships. The awards encourage students to pursue career exploration through summer internships in all career fields, including labor relations, socially responsible careers and careers in the creative arts, music and entertainment. The program is made possible through the generosity of alumni and parents, employer gifts, and support from the Brown University Office of Financial Aid. Internships can provide diverse experiences, including: acquiring, applying, and integrating a body of knowledge or a methodology, developing competencies (knowledge/skills) specific to a career or setting, understanding different cultures, acquiring academic skills, e.g. analysis, synthesis, building conceptual models, acquiring work skills, e.g. communication, coping with ambiguity, teamwork, time management, interpersonal skills, goal setting, and exploring career options and understanding career pathways.

Deadline: March 22

Program dates: June - August

Fees: n/a

Field: open to all fields

Labels: internship, grant


European Career Fair at MIT (event)

Each year in January or February, MIT hosts a large scale career fair with hundreds of companies from all over Europe, many of which are from Germany.  Companies range from pharmaceutical research firms to consulting and banking, and internships and jobs are highly competitive.  The fair takes place all day Saturday and there are workshops on Friday evening and Sunday.  Interviews are scheduled for Saturday afternoon and Sunday, and further interviews may even be scheduled on Monday and Tuesday. Bring your CV and look sharp!

Deadline: n/a

Program dates: n/a

Fees: none

Field: open to all fields

Labels: internship


WISU Praktikanten Guide

WISU is a monthly publication for German economics students which keeps an updated list of large German firms who regularly hire interns. The guide is published in hard cover, but an up to date version is also on their website along with many other tips.  Positions are intended for those studying economics, industrial engineering, computer science, and law.  German fluency is required for most positions.

Deadline: Depends on internship

Program dates: Depends on internship

Fees: n/a; compensation varies

Field: economics, industrial engineering, computer science, and law

Labels: internship

German American  Chamber of Commerce Praktikantenprogramm

The German American Chamber of Commerce (GACCNY) accepts resumes for internship placement from students and recent graduates from leading American universities throughout the year by e-mail at

Deadline: Rolling

Program dates: varies

Fees: n/a; compensation varies

Field: open to all fields

Labels: internship



streetfootballworld is a social profit organisation that links relevant actors in the field of Development through Football.  Established in 2002, the organisation encourages global partnerships for development in order to contribute to positive social change.  A 4- to 6- month internship at the central office in Berlin is available starting in the fall in various fields including network development, communications, partnership development, and research. The streetfootballworld network comprises more than 80 local initiatives worldwide.  With the network's support, streetfootballworld develops approaches to social challenges by working with governments, businesses and NGOs, and providing advice on development, investment and business strategy. Volunteering at one of the member organizations is also an option for getting involved.

Deadline: Depends on internship position

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a; compensation varies

Field: business, political science, international relations

Labels: internship, volunteer


CDS International Internship Program in Germany

CDS International is a nonprofit organization that supports intercultural understanding through professional development programs in Argentina, Germany, Russia, Spain, and the United States.  The Internship Program in Germany provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain international work experience in Germany, improve their German language skills and experience German culture firsthand. Internship placements are available in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to business, engineering, finance, tourism, IT, media/communications, international relations, the nonprofit sector, German studies and economics. Most internships are paid and scholarships are available to qualified participants that receive unpaid internships. Accepted participants will receive a scholarship application following acceptance to the program. A limited number of language course stipends are also available for those who qualify. Internships are 3 to 12 months long. Programs start individually at the beginning of each month and applicants should apply at least 5 months before their desired start date.

Deadline: Rolling

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a; compensation varies

Field: business, engineering, finance, tourism, IT, media/communications, international relations, the nonprofit sector, German studies and economics

Labels: internship, scholarship


Internationales Parlaments-Stipendium (IPS)

The German Bundestag collaborates with the Humboldt University in Berlin to run the International Parliamentary Internships (IPS) program. This gives well qualified young people with a strong interest in politics from the USA and Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of Germany’s system of parliamentary government. Each participant is paired in a fifteen-week placements with Members of the German Bundestag. The IPS program is aimed at highly qualified young men and women who are interested in politics and who wish to play an active and responsible role in shaping the democratic future of their country. Applicants must have a university degree, a good knowledge of German, and must be under the age of 30.

Deadline: June 30th

Program dates: varies

Fees: n/a; : € 450/month, free accommodations and travel expenses covered

Field: political science/international relations

Labels: internship


Student Service International Internship Program in Higher Education Administration

Student service international is a nine-month fellowship that offers recent graduates the opportunity to gain professional experience at one of the Studentenwerke, the university student service organizations in Germany.  Internships are project-based and will enable participants to work in several departments at a Studentenwerk.  The program is open to candidates from all fields of study.  Applicants must be US citizens, under the age of 30, be proficient in the German language, and be a recent graduate of a Bachelor’s or Master’s program.

Deadline: Rolling

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: open to all fields

Labels: internship


U.S. Department of State Internships

There are a wide variety of internship programs at the U.S. Department of State in conjunction with other bureaus, in Washington D.C. and abroad, paid and unpaid, in the spring, summer, and fall. These internships are particularly attractive for students interested in a future at the Foreign Service. Applicants must have completed their sophomore year, be U.S. citizens, have good academic standing, and successfully complete a background investigation. A broad range of academic majors is sought in areas such as business, public administration, social work, information management, journalism, the sciences, and economics. For overseas assignments, applicants must present evidence of medical insurance coverage. All students must be available to begin their internship within the appropriate application timetable.

Deadline: Rolling

Program dates: depends on program

Fees: n/a; compensation varies

Field: business, public administration, social work, information management, journalism, the sciences, and economics

Labels: internship, graduate students


SCHOTT Summer Internship Program in Germany

The SCHOTT Summer Internship Program in Germany provides an opportunity for college and university students to gain international work experience at SCHOTT AG in Germany, improve their German language skills, and experience German culture firsthand. Internship placements at SCHOTT are available in business development, marketing, HR, engineering, production optimization and physical sciences. Internships are three months and begin in May each year. In some cases, participants may complete a four-month internship. All internships at SCHOTT are compensated and include free housing.  SCHOTT is an international technology company with the core purpose to improve how people live and work through expert solutions in special glass, specialty materials, components and systems. With over 17,300 employees in 42 countries, SCHOTT has offered solutions for the future for over 125 years and takes its responsibility for society and the environment very seriously. All internships stress the development of technical, management, and interpersonal skills.

Deadline: January 15th

Program dates: May - August

Fees: n/a

Field: business development, marketing, HR, engineering, production optimization and physical sciences

Labels: internship, summer


McKinsey & Company, Inc. Internship

The internship program is the best opportunity to explore management consulting at McKinsey. Several offices worldwide offer paid internships. The internships last from 4 to 12 weeks during the spring, summer or fall, depending on the office and the availability of the intern. The intern works on a client engagement as a member of a McKinsey team over this duration. At the end of the internship, the office will generally make a decision as to whether or not to extend the intern a permanent offer. As important, the intern can make a more informed decision in regards to pursuing management consulting in the long term.  In order to apply for an internship at the German branches of McKinsey, fluent German knowledge is required.  A bachelor’s degree must be completed before the internship begins.

Deadline: Rolling

Program dates: n/a

Fees: compensation varies

Field: consulting

Labels: internship


Boren Fellowships

Boren Fellowships provide U.S. graduate students an opportunity to add an important international and language component to their graduate education through specialization in area study, language study, or increased language proficiency. Boren Fellowships support study and research in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests, including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin American, and the Middle East. The countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are excluded.  Boren Fellows represent a variety of academic and professional disciplines, but all are interested in studying less commonly taught languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Swahili.

Deadline: January 28th

Label: fellowship, study abroad, graduate student

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: open to a variety

n.b. This fellowship is not intended for German Studies.


Krupp Internship Program

As a participant in the Stanford Program in Berlin, you are eligible for placement in the Krupp Internship Program for Stanford students in Germany. This program, supported by a grant from the German Krupp Foundation (Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach-Stiftung), provides the opportunity for practical, professional experience, and deepens your understanding of the country and its people. A monthly stipend covers students’ housing, food, and other living expenses.  More than 1000 Stanford students have already taken advantage of these full-time, paid internship placements in German host institutions. Krupp internships are available year-round, and for all majors. Your internship can last anywhere from three to six months, and some students extend their stay with a subsequent research grant from Stanford (for example, a URO grant). Internships are located in both urban and rural environments throughout Germany; host institutions range from small companies to large corporations, from non-profit organizations and government offices to cultural institutions such as theaters and museums. Some former Krupp interns do return to Germany after graduation, to work for their host firm or for other companies, and German companies have recruited alumni of the Krupp Internship Program for their subsidiaries in the US.  Preconditions for participation in the program are: at least one quarter of study with the Stanford Program in Berlin and completion of one year of college-level German for a letter grade. Your active cooperation will be instrumental as you work closely with the Internship Coordinator in Berlin to find a placement best fitting your interests and qualifications. For more information on the internship program and previous internship placements, please see the Berlin center local website.


  1. Enrollment at Stanford University, CA, USA;
  2. Participation in at least one quarter of studies at Stanford University in Berlin;
  3. one year of college German completed before the internship begins.

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a



Dartmouth University

Two one-term internships are available annually to Dartmouth students at the Max Planck Institute for Neurobiology in Martinsried (near Munich) and the Max Planck Institute for Environmental Chemistry in Jena. Candidates are selected jointly by the Departments of Biology and German Studies. Each Institute has its own specialty, but interns at either institute normally have at least junior standing and a good background in biology and chemistry. A minimum of one lab course each in chemistry and biology is required, as well as at least two introductory German language courses (German 1 and 2). A stipend covers living expenses, and the Institute arranges housing. The internships are usually offered in the spring, although other terms are possible. Interns conduct significant research, both within a team and also on their own. In several cases, students have returned to the institutes for post-graduate work with support from a Fulbright Fellowship. The application deadline is November 15, 2013, for internships in 2014. Forms are available on-line and in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, and German Studies.

Deadline: November 15, 2013

Program dates: n/a

Field: German Studies, Biology, Chemistry


Steuben-Schurz Gesellschaft

Established in 1999 - as the only non-profit initiative of its kind - participating students as well as companies providing this unique opportunity profit profoundly from on-the-job experience and the building of international leadership skills. Nothing may change a life's path like early experience. Our program, furthermore, assists the development of future global leaders by encouraging the students to do an internship (8 weeks to 6 months) with an American or a German host employer, resp.

Due to the gov't regulations, students should apply preferrably six to eight months prior to their intended internship.

Deadline for Summer internship: between October and December the year before

Deadline for Fall/Winter internship: between January and March

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: variety

Useful info:


Berlin Startup Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Cultural Vistas offers students from around the world the unique opportunity to complete an internship with a startup company in Berlin, the German capital of innovation and entrepreneurship. Participants gain skills custom-tailored to their career goals and previous work experience, as well as an exciting glimpse into Berlin’s thriving startup scene.  The Berlin Startup Program allows students to immerse themselves in a young company, gaining valuable experience in a dynamic work environment. The program is particularly appealing to students who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and want to gain some professional experience in an innovative and fast-growing company in Berlin. Internships last up to 3 months and are fulltime (between 30-40 hours per week). If the internship is required by your program of study to complete your degree, internships longer than 3 months are also possible.  Internships are sought with organizations and companies that match each student’s professional and academic background and career goals. Each internship placement is arranged on an individual basis; there is no database of positions that need to be filled. As such, it is important for each student to clearly express their goals for the internship and their motivation for taking part in the Berlin Startup Program, while remaining realistic regarding their skills and previous work experience.

Eligibility Requirements

-To be eligible for the Berlin Startup Program, you must:

-Have a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship and startup culture

-Be interested in completing an internship in a field closely related to your studies

-Be fluent in English. Prior German language knowledge is not required but can be helpful for       daily life in Berlin.

-Be enrolled throughout the duration of your internship in a degree program at a higher education institution (bachelor, master, or equivalent)

-Have completed at least 4 semesters of study toward your current degree program by the start of the internship

-Be between the ages of 18-30

-Have some prior relevant professional experience in your career field (internship, volunteer, work, etc.)

Fees and Services

The fee to participate in the Berlin Startup Program is 775 €, which includes a non-refundable 65 € application fee. The program fee includes the following services provided by Cultural Vistas:

-placement with a German company in your field of study or a related field

-work authorization form (Arbeitsmarktzulassung)

-support before and during your program for matters related to your internship and general German cultural information

Duration: up to 3 months, longer possible

Program dates: n/a

Fees: 775 €

Field: entrepreneurship


Cultural Vistas Fellowship

The Cultural Vistas Fellowship affords underrepresented U.S. university students the unique opportunity to advance their career goals, develop global competencies, and experience life in another culture. Cultural Vistas will select up to 12 fellows to take part in this multinational professional development program that includes eight-week summer internships in Argentina, Germany, and India. This fellowship opportunity is funded by Cultural Vistas.

Summer 2016: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Cultural Vistas Fellows will enrich their academic learning through professional internship and immersion experiences focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. One cohort of up to four fellows will travel to each international destination. The program will take place in five distinct phases:

-Virtual learning component to orient fellows to their host country and each other, discuss issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation, and prepare for their time abroad

-Pre-departure orientation in New York City for fellows to meet, share learning goals, and prepare for their international internships

-Eight-week internships in Buenos Aires, Berlin, and Bangalore. During this phase, fellows will take part in an online learning exchange to process and provide comparative analyses of their experiences.

-Re-entry seminar in New York City bringing together fellows to reflect on their experiences and share what they learned during the program

-Post-program "Fellows in Service" activities that highlight the learning acquired on campuses and in local communities

Program Benefits

Program-related travel expenses, including round-trip airfare to and within internship country; travel to New York City for pre-departure and re-entry seminars

Internship placement in Argentina, Germany, or India

Accommodations throughout program, including pre-departure and re-entry seminars

Virtual learning seminar

Pre-departure support services

Cultural orientation upon arrival in host country

Visa application support (where applicable)

Emergency medical insurance during internship phase



Candidates for the Cultural Vistas Fellowship must meet the following requirements:

U.S. citizens enrolled full-time at a four-year accredited U.S. college or university

Sophomore or junior academic status at the time of application; minimum GPA of 3.0

Ages 18-30

No formal prior work or study abroad experiences

Prior knowledge of language of host country (applicable in Germany and Argentina only)

Strong preference will be given to students historically underrepresented in international exchange.

This includes, but is not limited to Pell Grant recipients; veterans; first-generation college students; STEM majors; members of minority communities within the United States; and non-traditional students.

Application Deadline

January 26, 2016

Duration: 8 weeks, summer

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: entrepreneurship



The Émigré Memorial German Internship Program–German State Parliaments (EMGIP) is a fellowship program that provides U.S. and Canadian students with internships at a German state parliament (Landtag). Internships afford students an excellent opportunity to gain government work experience, improve their advanced German language skills, and learn about German culture firsthand.  This professional opportunity overseas is ideal for students planning on pursuing careers at a regional level of government in the United States or Canada, or who have an interest in a specific policy issue such as the environment, education, or healthcare. EMGIP runs three times a year—fall, spring, and early summer—for one to three months, depending on elections, holiday schedules and state offices’ preferences.

Program Benefits

Monthly stipends to ensure a total monthly salary of EUR 670 for U.S. citizens

(or EUR 400 if free housing is provided)

One- to three-month internship in a German Landtag in target internship field

Health insurance (at an additional cost of $55 per month)

Pre-departure orientation mailing

Housing assistance

Work authorization services

Support throughout the program in Germany and the United States

Re-entry information about marketing your experience abroad in the United States


-Candidates for EMGIP must meet the following eligibility requirements:

-U.S. or Canadian citizen

-Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at accredited U.S. or Canadian colleges and universities before, during and after the program may apply.

-18–30 years of age

-High-intermediate German skills (oral & written). Candidates must be able and willing to communicate in German and possess good command of professional vocabulary in field.

-Minimum of two years of university level studies in a field related to one of the following: international relations, public administration, political science, law, economics, European studies with emphasis on Germany, German or German studies, with a minor in one of the fields listed

-Some relevant work experience (e.g. internship, volunteer work, summer job). It is important that a candidate knows how to adjust to a professional environment and how to use theoretical skills in the workplace.

Application Deadlines

October 1, 2015 for Spring 2016

December 1, 2015 for early Summer 2016

March 31, 2016 for Fall 2016

Duration: 1-3 months

Program dates: summer, fall spring sessions

Fees: n/a

Field: entrepreneurship


Internship Program in Germany

The Cultural Vistas Internship Program in Germany provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable international work skills, improve German language abilities, and experience German life and culture firsthand. Internship placements are available in a variety of fields, including, but not limited to business, engineering, finance, tourism, IT, media/communications, international relations, the nonprofit sector, German studies, and economics. Most internships are 3 to 12 months in length and have flexible start dates. Many internships are paid and scholarships are available to qualified participants who receive unpaid internships. Participants will receive a scholarship application following acceptance to the program. A limited number of language course stipends are also available for those who qualify.

Program Benefits

Cultural Vistas works with an array of global partner organizations to place participants in professional internships that reflect their background and career goals. Companies range from small family-owned businesses to multinational holdings. For more information about the internship search, please see our FAQ page.

From the application process through your return to the United States, Cultural Vistas will provide you with the following:

-Assistance drafting a German resume (Lebenslauf)

-Customized placement in an internship in your field of study

-Pre-departure packet with tips, hints, and advice on life in Germany

-Financial assistance for unpaid internships through the Cultural Vistas Scholarship Fund (apply separately, based on need)

-Work authorization for Germany

-Health insurance (at an additional cost of $55 per month)

-Language course stipend (apply separately, based on need)

-Housing assistance

-Support in Germany throughout the internship

-Reentry information and tips on marketing international experience to U.S. employers


Students, international and U.S., enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities and Canadian citizens enrolled in U.S. or Canadian colleges and universities are eligible for the program.

At least two years of university level studies in the field of your major

Two years of post-secondary instruction in German or the equivalent (extra language training is available, if needed)

Practical experience in your target internship field (summer employment, prior internship, lab position, etc.) does not need to be extensive, but is preferred. The more experience you have, the more desirable you are to a potential host company.

* Canadian citizens enrolled at an accredited Canadian college or university are also eligible.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Please apply at least five months prior to your desired start date.

For more information, please contact

Duration: 3 to 12 months

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: variety, mostly business related, but German Studies available

Also see summer-specific internships at:


Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program

The Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program is a distinguished transatlantic initiative that offers fifteen accomplished Americans the opportunity to complete a comprehensive professional development program in Germany.  The Bosch Fellowship is comprised of three main components: customized work placements, professional seminars, and German language training. Bosch Fellows work as consultants in their field of expertise at leading public or private institutions in Germany.  In addition, Bosch Fellows participate in professional seminars, where they travel to meet and exchange ideas with key figures across Germany and Europe. Prior to their work placements and seminars, Bosch Fellows participate in up to 5 months of language training with both private tutors in the United States and group classes in Germany.  Fellows are from the fields of business administration, cultural management (ex. museum, theater, orchestra), journalism, law, non-profit, public policy, and urban planning. The program is fully funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, one of the largest foundations in Germany, with the goal of fostering a community of American leaders who have firsthand experience in the political, economic and cultural environment of Germany and the European Union. Cultural Vistas acts as the U.S. representative of the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program and has administered the program since its inception in 1984. Learn more about the program, including the application process, via our introductory webinar.

Program Benefits

One or two high-level work phases at leading institutions in Germany

Traveling seminar series covering issues of German, European and transatlantic concern

Up to five months of German language training

Monthly stipend of EUR 3.000 (tax-free in Germany) starting in September; monthly summer stipend of EUR 1.000 + free accommodations during July and August

Accommodation and travel to Washington, D.C. for the orientation program

Financial support for accompanying spouse & children

Flights to and from Germany

Membership in the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association (RBFAA)


Candidates for the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program must meet the following requirements:

U.S. citizen

40 years of age or younger at the application deadline

Minimum five years of relevant, full-time work experience in target fellowship field (excluding internships)

Graduate degree preferred

Evidence of outstanding professional performance

Sincere commitment to furthering the transatlantic relationship

Application Deadline

November 1

Duration: variable, 5 months language training

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: varied

For more information, please contact


EPA Internships in Europe

1. Berlin


(Unpaid, Academic Work Placements)


Placements are available in offices of members of the Bundestag, the Federal Parliament of Germany. Interns conduct research, do translations, attend plenary sessions, committee and party meetings, and deal with correspondence and press work. Placements are also available in party headquarters. Politics interns do not need to be political science majors, but should have a background in German politics and good written and spoken skills in German.

Duration: n/a

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: politics


2. Bonn and Cologne

(Unpaid, Academic Work Placements)

Museum and Arts Administration

BONN ONLY. Museum internships offer extraordinary opportunities to work as research, curatorial and administrative interns. They are open to students of all backgrounds and majors. The range of available art specialties is very wide, including modern, women's, sacred and medieval, Roman, Germanic and applied art, anthropology, archaeology, and photography. A detailed knowledge or specific interest in a particular field should be noted in a cover letter to the application. Placements are also available in theater companies and with orchestras. Students work as assistants and participate in all aspects of planning, administration, production and publicity.

Health and Social Sciences

BONN ONLY. Psychology and psychiatric internship opportunities exist in a wide range of psychiatric and social services institutions, hospitals and clinics in Bonn and Cologne. Client groups include battered women, families, children, and adolescents in therapy, the elderly, substance abusers and refugees.

Medical Research

BONN ONLY. Hands-on experience in research laboratories or teaching hospitals.

Law Firms

BONN ONLY. An excellent opportunity to acquire a detailed knowledge of the German legal system through placement in a major corporate law firm; taxation, mergers and acquisitions, anti-trust and EU law, competition and labor law, environmental, banking and media law.


BONN ONLY. Placements are available in many areas of business including administration, sales and marketing, computer programming and insurance.


BONN ONLY. Education majors can act as teaching assistants in German schools or at a vocational college in Bonn. There could also be placements arranged in kindergardens. Students should note their age range and subject area preferences on their application.


COLOGNE ONLY. The city of Cologne is known for its thriving cultural life. Placements are available in small theaters where students are exposed to a wide range of theatrical work.

IT & Computer Programming

Opportunities exist for students to work in IT and computer programming placements in Bonn and Cologne.

Advertising & Public Relations

BONN ONLY. Exciting international advertising openings are available in a Bonn advertising agency. Placements are also available in public relations.


BONN ONLY. Politics placements are still available in Bonn for those students who would prefer to base themselves there and learn about municipal government in Germany. These include, for example, the Bonn Mayor?s office where students have the opportunity to take part in official functions and activities in the city. A placement also exists at the official municipal office for the equal treatment of women in Germany.

Banking & Finance

BONN ONLY. Placements are available in a variety of banks and financial institutions.

Music Management

Interns work with the management of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn under Roman Kofman.

Nature Conservation

Internships are offered with the Federal Agency for Environmental Protection.

Radio Journalism

There is the opportunity to intern with Uniradio Bonn, a student-run radio station.

Duration: variable

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: varied



For the past twenty years CCCE has provided Internship Seminars to students from different European countries and the United States. CCCE provides services for schools and universities as well as individual persons.  After completion of an Internship, the participant will have practical work experience in the vocational field of interest, an immersion into the German language through active study, and a deeper understanding of German culture through daily life. CCCE has organized internship seminars and language trainings, which include a very comprehensive support and services as:

-fees for public transport

-our office structure, including telephone, fax and Internet for the students and accompanying teachers

-a launch event with extensive information for all participants, followed by city tour

-weekly Plenum

-cell phones for teachers with german prepaid cards

-german prepaid cards for the students

-organization and planning of leisure activities

-supervision of internships and host families (single accommodation) and a 24-hour on-call for emergencies

Duration: n/a

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: varied


American Academy, Berlin

The American Academy in Berlin is a non-profit center for advanced study. The Academy's mission is to foster intellectual and professional ties between Germans and Americans in the humanities, public affairs, and the arts through a new group of outstanding scholars each semester.


Length: Preferably 3 months// part-time internships possible -but less likely

Qualifications: German (intermediate-advanced)

No room and board

Honorarium: Euro: 260.-/month

Job description: Support the program work, look after the visiting fellows, work on press releases, and more of the ‘trivia usually connected with small programs like this one that prides itself in putting together an otherwise exciting program of discussions, lectures, seminars, and concerts in a stimulating community of 12-14 American academics, scientists, scholars, researchers, artists, musicians, and composers.

In order to comply with the rules and regulations of the German employment office concerning American Interns the honorarium can only be paid if:

• A written confirmation by the respective program/school and/or company that the internship is a ‘mandatory part’ of the schooling/training/education of the candidate

• the internship fits into the activities of the respective program/major and/or company


Paul Stoop

Ute Zimmermann

Duration: 3 months

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: varied

For more information visit this site:


AmCham Internship: US-German Internship Program

Thank you very much for your interest in the US-German Internship Program. AmCham Germany and BridgehouseLaw LLP have established the Internship Program to enable American students to spend time in Germany during the career planning phase of their early lives. We believe that internships for American students are one of the best ways to develop young ambassadors who will bring a new and focused dynamic to the world around them after returning to the United States. The Internship Program offers students the opportunity to become familiar with German culture through a three-month internship with a host company in different fields of the economy. As students will be working in a business environment, daily interactions with leading international firms will enable students to gain a better insight into the German economy, sharpen and improve their German language skills and engage with cross-cultural challenges helping to cultivate a better transatlantic repertoire between the United States and Germany. The program is designed to ensure that all students returning to the United States from Germany have an expanded self-confidence and a clearer understanding of Germany's economic and business role within the European Union. Although American students who wish to gain international experience early in life are our primary participants, we have students from many different cultural backgrounds who can share their previous life experiences while in Germany and new ones after they return home. Through daily interactions with their host company, students will become true ambassadors for the rapidly globalizing world around us in a time where a larger international perspective is necessary for both personal and cultural progression, as well as creating a better transatlantic relationship between the United States and Germany. The new platform provides students with ample opportunities to gain insight into the world’s economy, improve their German language skills, and enjoy cultural challenges.

Duration: 3 months

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: varied, business


Worldwide Internships

Germany has been one of the world’s most powerful and recognized economies. It is recognized by its unique business culture that continuously aims for accuracy, forward thinking and planning. The internship or “praktikum” culture is well developed as companies are used to hire local and foreign students to intern from 2 to 6 months.  Germany’s economy is very diversified as there are leading companies in different fields such as business, finance, IT and of course engineering. If you are serious about getting work experience, this is a unique opportunity to get it. We will help you with all relevant aspects for preparing your internship in finding a suitable company, prepare for your visa, city introduction, local support during your entire program, housing and networking activities.  As most of our programs, you can choose just to have a basic internship placement, which is just the connection between you and the company; or have an all-inclusive program with housing, welcome package, visa assistance and activities.

Internship dates:

It is important you apply between 3 to 6 months before you starting date. If you are already in Europe, you may apply 2 months before your starting date. Our program starts every Monday of each month and it is available all-year round. The internship length can be between 2 to 6 months. However, because of visa restrictions, there are some nationalities who can do a maximum of 3 months. Please contact us for further details.


Working holiday visa: this visa allows you to get an internship for up to 6 months. Nationalities who can apply for this visa are New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Canada. This visa process takes around 3 to 4 months, so please consider it. Members of the European Union: There is no need to process a visa, you can get a paid internship and there is no processing time. There is one exception for Croatian citizens. For further details you can click here.  Schengen visa: This visa allows you to take an unpaid internship for up to three months. Most nationalities can obtain this type of visa under different circumstances. Most of the countries do not need to apply for a visa prior their arrival, and some need to apply. We encourage you to visit the local German embassy or consulate. There are some nationalities such as New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Israel, South Korea, USA and Canada that can extend it for another 3 months once in Germany.

For further information we encourage you to contact us or read the following link.


German language is not required to join our program. However, if you don´t speak any German, we encourage you to study or take a course before arriving or even consider taking some classes while being here. This will be your opportunity to practice it like nowhere else.

Duration: 3 months to 6 months, depending on visa

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: varied, business


Boston University

Dresden Internship Program

Students who have advanced German language skills may participate in the program, which combines study and coursework with a professional internship. The program is ideal for those students who want insight into the German culture outside the academic world. On all our Dresden Programs, students study at the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD), one of the oldest and most prestigious technical universities in Germany.

Program Curriculum

Week 1–Week 8 (Core Phase)

Students enroll in an intensive German language and cultural immersion course during the first part of the program. The class meets for four hours, four days a week and on the fifth day of each week, students take a field trip.

Week 9–Week 24 (Internship Phase)

Students begin their internships during week nine and work for an average of 30 hours a week. They also enroll in two or more courses at Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) and attend three to four faculty-directed sessions on the academic component of their internship. During the final week of the program, students attend a capstone seminar in which they deliver the final presentations on their academic internship projects.

Internship Areas

Business and Economics

Study various aspects of business and economics and put your knowledge to work Internship areas have included: Sächsische Aufbaubank Dresden, the Saxonian State Ministry of Economics and Labour or The Saxonian Chamber of Commerce

Health & Human Services

Past internship providers have included The University Clinic of TU Dresden, The Salvation Army, Occupational Therapist’s Practice Maike Dietz

International Organizations/NGOs

Work in social activist organizations, environmental organizations, human rights organizations and associated government departments. Past internships have included Saxonian Office for Environmental Protection, Foreigner’s Council, and The Salvation Army.

Politics & International Relations

Study the issues and institutions of German political culture and work in a political setting, including Parliament, party organizations, lobbying groups, or political public relations agencies. Past internship placements have included The Saxonian State Chancellory, Saxonian Parliament, and Saxonian State Ministries.


Study the history and practice of the law in both the United States and Germany and participate in the daily life of a German law firm or commercial legal department. Past internship placements have included the Law Firm Lothar Hermes (Immigrant Law).


Study communications and society in Germany and work for one of Dresden’s television stations. Past internship placements have included ZDF Dresden Studios and Dresden TV.

Theater Studies

Study the various aspects of the theater industry in one of the most vibrant theater scenes in the world. Students have the unique opportunity to combine coursework with hands-on experience in a full-time field placement in the visual and performing arts. Past internship placements have included Office of Competizione dell´Opera, Theater der Jungen Generation, Staatskapelle Dresden.

Duration: 24 weeks

Program dates: n/a

Fees: n/a

Field: varied


Twin- Work and Volunteer

People who choose to do internships abroad do so for a number of reasons – they may want to improve their professional skills, experience life in foreign country, establish new business contacts, improve their language skills or simply meet new people. Whatever their reason, there is no question that an unpaid internship in Germany can offer many benefits. The Internships in Germany programme provides a unique opportunity to gain professional work experience skills and enhance your CV in an established German company. The internships take place in and around Berlin, are adept at providing interns with fulfilling professional environments that utilize their German language skills, and provide a stimulating work placement that embodies the rich culture of Germany. Our partner organization in Germany has an extensive network of companies that it uses to find our participants their ideal internship placement. These can include administration, advertising, architecture, arts & culture, event management, graphics design, IT, law, marketing, public relations, social work and tourism. Participants need to have at least a B1 level of German before they start their internship. A minimum of 4 weeks of German language tuition will be arranged for every participant no matter what level of German they speak before the start of the programme.

Duration: 8-16 weeks

Program dates: n/a

Fees: £1,200.00

Field: varied


Harvard University

The Department of Germanic Language and Literature's Work-Abroad Program offers students a unique educational opportunity, a "total immersion" in German language and contemporary German society. On the job, students learn from their daily contact with co-workers about aspects of German life not dealt with in textbooks within the walls of the university. The internship allows the students to integrate their expertise in their area of concentration with their knowledge of the German language and culture. By working in a German company, a German subsidiary of an American/International Company, a German institute or not-for profit, students can explore a career, gain valuable work experience in their chosen field, and learn about the German way of life – in addition to improving upon your German language skills. For a list of companies that have participated in the last years, please click here: List of participating companies


Company name







economica, all




Life science,







These internships start in Fall

and require excellent German language skills. Maybe they also accept applicants for different dates?


Amerika Zentrum


/index.php/homepage/praktiku m



Atlantic Initiative

Politics, govern

Berlin (Unpaid)

Atlantic Internet

Venture Capital Firms with

good connections to over 50 companies


Atlantik-Brücke Berlin



America House Munich

ex.php?id=221 -.U_j_OEh8GYI



Berghof Foundation

http://www.berghof- obs/

internships start at different

times, good German language skills


Berlin Partners



Berliner Philharmonie

only longer and only in the



Bertelsmann ung/profitcenter/search_result.a spx



Blacklane Gmbh









All Germany

CHE Gemeinnütziges

Zentrum für Hochschulforschung







Cultural Vistas

This organization charges

money for placemetnz

All Germany




Congress Bundestag


All/ recent graduates

One year in




scholarships for German

language courses, plus RISE

All Germany

Deutsche Bahn




Deutsche Bank

economics, very high level



Deutsche Telekom




Deutsch Amerikanisches

Zentrum Saarbrücken




Deutsch Amerikanisches

Institut Tübingen



Deutsch Amerikanisches

Institut Heidelberg



Deutsche Stiftung




Deutscher Künstlerbund


2 months internships in Berlin

students with interests in the arts and art management


Émigré DAAD

(Émigré Memorial German internship program)

ms-for-students-and- professionals/professional- fellowships/emgip


All Germany




Europäische Akademie






Global Policy Forum





very good German


Haus Rissen,

HamburgInstitue for education, politics and economics




Herti Foundation

even if they do not have an

internship announced on their wesite…


Hubert Burda

http://www.hubert-burda- ktikum/







very high level German

Berlin /Boston

Institute for Cultural








Young scientists in Austria


Institut für deutsche


List of culture institute




Organizes internships



ISTernship program


database opnens Dec 14.

application deadline 15. Feb




arriere/Stellenangebote-bei- Kienbaum.aspx





internships for students

interested in the arts, theater and so on.





Let’s go

Good travel writers

All over


Loyalty Partners



Marbach Literatur Archiv






Germany/Göttin gen

Mein Praktikum

a website with up - to date

internship listings






National Museums

Archeology, history, all





RISE (Raising interest in

Science and engineering)

Deadline: The project

database opens on Decmeber

6th and the deadlin for submission is January 15th


all Germany

Roland Berger


All Germany


tudis/programme/ruhrfellows/i ndex.html.en

A German language class

followed by a placement in a

German company




Database opens - deadline


Schwarzkopf Publishing





Solon Consulting

good German language skills


Spotlight Verlag

very good German



find internships through

“Stepstone” in Germany


Transatlantik program


This internshipis in the US

with the German American

Chamber of Commerce








a year in Germany – starting

with a semester at a university

– followed by an internship


and internships

US State Department









Opportinities to

work on organic farms in Germany

ZKM/Museum for New

Art and Media





Company profiles




Good websites:




German Council on

Foreign Relations


very good German!