Graduate Students


Research Interests


Katrin Bahr GDR History and Culture, Memory Studies, Photography, Post-colonialism, post-1989 literature, Holocaust Studies Herter 508
Tiarra Cooper Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Feminist and Queer Theory Herter 508
Rosalin Happe Trauma and memory studies, Transnationalism

Herter 508
Kirsten Helmer Not in Residence
Karolina Hicke Memory studies, Transnationalism and Scandinavian Studies Herter 508
Kevina King Black German Studies, African Diaspora, Critical Whiteness, Black Europe, Black Radical Thought Herter 508
Victoria Rizo Lenshyn GDR, Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Film Studies, Star Studies, Media Literacy Not in Residence
Katy McNally

Postwar Literature and History, Minority Literature

Herter 508
Michael J. Moynihan Not in Residence
Claudia Plasse Not in Residence
Ricky Quales German Philosophy Herter 508
Erika Michelle Klara Reichert Not in Residence
Julia Rittershausen German-American relations post WWII

Herter 508
Rachael Allison Salyer  
Konstanze Schiller German Film Studies (East German Cinema), Digital Humanities, Memory Studies Herter 508
Jamele Watkins Afro-German Studies, Gender Studies, Film and Performance Studies, Diaspora Studies

Not in Residence