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Ellert-Brauner Essay Prize

Each year, the German and Scandinavian Studies Program recognizes students who have written outstanding essays in German language and culture courses in honor of professors Frederick C. Ellert and Sigrid Brauner.

Ellert was born in Holyoke, MA and attended UMass as an undergraduate. He then went on to study at Heidelberg University and Columbia University before receiving an M.A. from Amherst College and a Ph.D. from Stanford. Ellert taugt at UMass from 1958 - 1983 and was one of the key founders of the Massachusetts Review journal. He was an avid translator of 19th Century German poetry and a compassionate teacher. Ellert passed in 1983

Brauner was born in Hofheim, Germany. She studied at the University of Frankfurt where she received a B.A. and then immigrated to the United States. Brauner completed her Ph.D. at the University of California Berkely in 1989 and joined the UMass as a faculty member later that year. She was an outstanding teacher and served on the executive committee of the Woman's Studies Program at UMass unti her death in 1992. 

Below are the students who received the award in recent years. 


310-Level German

  1. Caelan Dammer 
  2. Luke Champney
  3. Jesse Girrell

320-Level German 

  1. Naina Woker
  2. Ka Wing Cheung 
  3. Quinn Dyer-Haws

English: General Education Courses

  1. Carlin Morris
  2. David Smith 
  3. Sarah Weise


300-level German

  1. Stefan Kussmaul
  2. Luke Sprenkle
  3. Dylan Agbarha

Courses taught in English

  1. Ryan Rausch 
  2. Constance Roberts
  3. Roxanne Castelone

Upper level German

  1. Constance Roberts


300-level German

  1. Franziska Bright
  2. Luke Sprenkle 
  3. Stefan Kussmaul 

Courses taught in English

  1. Manon Garulay
  2. Aliya Mathura
  3. Alison Arico

Upper level German

  1. Kelly Champine