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Teaching Resources Assessing Your Course

There are numerous resources available for faculty who teach General Education courses, from small classes to large lectures. Whether preparing to teach for the first time, or looking for new ideas to introduce into a class, faculty will benefit from these opportunities from the Center for Teaching before, during, or after the semester:

Course Development Consultation

  • Articulation of course learning outcome goals
  • Identification of specific course objectives
  • Syllabus review and revision
  • Alignment of course objectives and assignments
  • Alignment of course objectives and assessment strategies
  • Review of Student Response to Instruction (SRTI) results and support for course innovation

One-on-One Teaching Consultations on Pedagogical Strategies

  • Lead a discussion in large lecture settings
  • Design assignments for active learning
  • Develop effective questions for use with the Personal Response System (PRS Web site and Handbook)
  • Effective incorporation of technology in teaching for Gen Ed courses

Midterm Assessment Process (MAP)

  • Opportunity to collect feedback from students mid-semester in small or large class settings
  • Timely feedback for instructor to make adjustments mid-course
  • Access to print, electronic or video-based teaching resources

Annual Teaching and Learning Workshop Series

  • Theme based
  • Faculty facilitated
  • Open to all instructors on campus
  • Campus-wide workshops bringing together instructors and teaching-related service providers (e.g., librarians, OIT/ Academic Computing staff and members of the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment, etc.)

Faculty are encouraged to apply for the General Education Fellows Program, offered annually. This fellowship includes an intensive meeting on General Education pedagogy in the summer, and regular meetings throughout the fall semester. Although each year focuses on a different theme relevant to Gen Ed, all fellowship meetings provide rubrics for assessing student learning in Gen Ed courses, opportunities to produce syllabi for Gen Ed designations, and sample activities for Gen Ed learning outcomes.