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Programs, majors, departments, Schools or Colleges will be expected to offer or arrange with each other to offer various options for satisfying the upper division Integrative Experience requirement. The upper division Integrative Experience (3 credits) will complete the General Education requirement for students, and responsibility for options will be located with programs, majors, departments, Schools or Colleges that offer undergraduate majors. Proposals for the Integrative Experience can include (and are not restricted to) the following options as long as they are designed to address the three purposes of the integrative experience and are designed as upper-division offerings for 3 credits.

  1. Established departmental courses which require no revision to meet the IE criteria (use current course number);
  2. Established departmental courses which are being revised to meet the IE Criteria (use current course number unless substantial revision warrants an experimental 390s/490s seminar or the 394/494 number);
  3. Newly designed courses within the department (use an experimental 390s/490s seminar or the 394/494 number reserved for IE);
  4. Interdisciplinary collaborative (or other) offering with other departments or majors that address the IE learning objectives as well as the objectives of the cooperating majors (use an experimental 390s/490s seminar or the 394/494 number reserved for IE);
  5. School/College- or campus-wide collaborations focus on a multi-disciplinary theme with multiple instructors and disciplinary perspectives (use the newly designated campus number “UNIV 394/494”);
  6. Newly developed umbrella or add-on modules or other crediting mechanisms that will bring specific IE learning objectives to bear on student portfolios, theses, independent or group projects that would not otherwise meet the IE criteria (In the case of independent student projects or theses, the IE learning objective that involves “shared learning experience” can be met, for example, through a seminar that parallels the research and writing of the thesis, or a conference or some other shared learning experience that enables students to present, discuss, and provide feedback to each other on their independent projects);
  7. Service learning or community-based learning activities, field experience, practica, or internships that are designed to address the IE objectives;
  8. Other option within the department that meet the three IE criteria are welcomed for review by the General Education Council and will be reviewed in light of those criteria (use an experimental 390s/490s seminar or the 394/494 number reserved for IE)