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Advising Guidelines for Integrative Experience Waivers

Students who entered the University for the first time in Fall 2010 or later are responsible for completing an Integrative Experience (IE) that provides a structured context for students to reflect on their own learning and explore the connections between the broad exposure provided by General Education and the more focused exposure of their major.  The IE requirement appears on these students’ Academic Requirements Reports after their Diversity requirements.

Transfer students who entered the University for the first time in Fall 2010 or Spring 2011 and brought in 57 or more transfer credits prior to enrollment were granted a waiver of the Integrative Experience.  The waiver appears on those students’ Academic Requirements Reports. 

Departments are responsible for having Integrative Experience options available for their students and approved by the General Education Council in time to be offered for the Fall 2012 semester.

Students who can complete all other graduation requirements except the Integrative Experience for graduation in February, May or September 2012 may appeal for a waiver of that requirement.  The student should write an appeal letter explaining his or her situation and expected graduation date, and submit the letter to his or her academic dean. 

The dean in turn should write a cover letter and submit the case to the General Education Variance Committee.  The Committee will approve the waiver contingent on the student’s satisfactory completion of all other degree requirements except the Integrative Experience for a degree date no later than September 2012.  If the student does not complete all other degree requirements by September 2012, no waiver will be granted and the student will be responsible for taking an Integrative Experience option.

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