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Course Approval & Governance


Course Approval and Governance

The formal approval process for General Education courses is under the purview of the General Education Council of the Faculty Senate. In order for a new general education course to be listed in the course catalog as either a fall or spring semester course, it must be submitted by the following dates:

Spring courses: October 15th
Fall courses: March 10th



  1. Go to the Online System
  2. Enter your Net ID and password
  3. Click "Create New Proposal"
  4. Follow the prompts


The General Education Council:

  • Oversees General Education at UMass
  • Establishes guidelines for all Gen Ed courses
  • Conducts the Gen Ed course application and course review processes
  • Provides special reports concerning Gen Ed designations, approvals, and changes

The Academic Matters Council:

  • Develops policy recommendations on academic and curricular life on campus
  • Examines proposals for majors and minors
  • Reviews undergraduate course proposals
  • Makes recommendations to the Senate

The most recent General Education Task Force was mandated by Provost Charlena Seymour in Fall 2007; it concluded its term in Spring 2009. All General Education Task Forces are compromised of faculty, administrators, and students from many disciplines. The most recent Task Force was charged with recommending ways to improve the Gen Ed experience, focusing especially on curriculum design and delivery as well as support for faculty who teach Gen Ed courses. Read the final report.

The Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (OAPA) provides several reports on the Gen Ed experience.