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For Students

Have you ever taken off your 3D glasses in an IMAX movie? You can still see most of the images on the screen, however you know that something is missing. Without the glasses, the streaks of funny colors at the corners and the blurred images remind you that the picture is missing a degree of breadth, depth and clarity. As you put your glasses on, the entire image changes and you soon feel like you are a part of the entire scene, dodging every obstacle and shifting in your seat at every exciting moment.twostudents

Going to college is not just about getting a degree. It's about getting an education. It's about finding your 3D glasses so that you can fully understand the way the world works and be prepared to face life's challenges. It's about learning how to be a productive member of society and a thoughtful individual.

The courses in the major that you choose will give you the chance to pursue an area in depth. General Education courses are designed to provide you with a common, broad-based, well-rounded experience by exposing you to a variety of curriculum areas. These separate but complementary experiences will provide you with a quality education, thereby putting you on a path for exciting careers and productive lives.