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For Students


Gen Ed: The Basics

  • All students are required to complete the Gen Ed experience; requirements can be found under Fulfilling the Requirements
  • It may be helpful to review the curriculum areas as you plan your Gen Ed experience
  • Your Academic Requirements Report, accessed through SPIRE, shows your progress in meeting graduation requirements, including Gen Ed courses
  • You may not take Gen Ed courses as pass/fail
  • You may use only one major department course for a Gen Ed requirement (visit the Registrar for the full explanation)
  • For a listing of courses available each semester, visit the Course Offerings webpage

For assistance with Gen Ed courses:

  • All students are welcome to visit Academic Advising Link in the Learning Commons.
  • If you have declared a major, your academic advisor may help you select Gen Ed courses to complement your major (visit the Registrar’s webpage for assistance locating your Academic Dean).
  • If you are undeclared, you should consult your advisor at Undergraduate Advising.
  • Domestic exchange (including Five College) students with questions about Gen Ed should consult the Domestic Exchange Program.
  • International exchange students should consult the International Programs Office.
  • Transfer students and students who enrolled in the University prior to 2002 should consult the Registrar's Office for information on Gen Ed requirements.