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For Parents



Helping Your Child Succeed in Gen Ed

  • Review the Learning Objectives and Fulfilling the Requirements sections of this website and encourage your student to do the same. Students may find the Gen Ed Course Planning Guide to be a useful document for keeping track of the Gen Ed requirements.
  • Ask your student to explain both the importance of Gen Ed in her or his intellectual and professional development and the specific requirements of the Gen Ed program to you.
  • Encourage your student to find Gen Ed courses that would complement her or his major, and remind her or him to plan early and enroll in courses at the designated time. classoutside
  • Encourage your student to talk with you about the knowledge and skills she or he is learning in Gen Ed courses. Students progressing through Gen Ed often wish to share these experiences with parents, as the courses may stretch their minds in inspiring ways.
  • Be positive about Gen Ed. The skills your students will learn in these courses will benefit them professionally, personally, and socially for a lifetime. Remember that your voice is an important contribution to help students become mature and well-rounded adults as they progress through their undergraduate experience.