A Summer Scholar at the Apiary

One of 39 scholars in the Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment’s summer program, Joyce conducted her experiment in the field and lab of biology professor Lynn Adler, a widely recognized bee expert who supervised the project. Adler’s research has already shown that sunflower pollen can reduce a common disease in bumblebees, close relatives to honeybees.

A Clear Eye on Fake News

UMass Amherst Rises to No. 26

Tastes of the Mediterranean

The variety and quality of food at the Blue Wall in the Campus Center and at other UMass Amherst dining spots has earned the campus the Princeton Review’s accolade as number-one for Best Campus Food for an amazing three years in a row. The myriad stations at the popular Blue Wall offer Asian food, including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese dishes; Mexican food; salads; burgers; sandwiches; and more. Amid this bounty and with more students looking for healthful eating options, old-fashioned pizza was overshadowed.

Smarty Plants

“Plants have an innate regulatory mechanism that keeps their iron at a certain level, so it’s hard to get them to carry more iron,” Walker explains. “They don’t cooperate very nicely with you!”

Even though iron is one of the most important micronutrients used by living organisms, it is an oxidant and causes cellular damage if not carefully controlled. So plants have evolved signaling systems by which they communicate iron status among their tissues—when they need more, and when they have enough.

Your Community, Your UMass

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UMass Magazine - Summer 2018

In the latest UMass magazine, rowers make a splash, experts look at fake news, and a chemist makes an exciting discovery. Read about all this and more news and research from UMass Amherst.


Swing into Spring

The action starts Thursday with music and dance performances—continuing all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with more performances, intercollegiate athletic competitions, student competitions and celebrations, the UMass Powwow, QuadFest, and Soulfest, and concludes with the annual Spring Concert featuring Khalid & Lil Yachty.

Thursday, April 12

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