Bots Prepare for Battle

Marple has been selected—well, his robot has—to compete on the Discovery Channel’s Battlebots. Bloodsport, created by Marple and his team Bots ‘n’ Stuff, will battle its opponents on television beginning this June.

Battlebots, which features gladiatorial combat between remote-controlled robots, first aired in 2000, and averages 3.5 million viewers per episode. Marple, Bloodsport, and the Bots ‘n’ Stuff team traveled to the April filming in Long Beach, California.

Summer of Ocean

It is the summer of Ocean Vuong, a faculty member in the MFA Program for Poets and Writers since 2016: His book debuted at number six on the New York Times bestseller list and received rhapsodic reviews in major publications such as Vanity Fair, O magazine, and Kirkus Reviews. Vuong was the subject of a five-page article in the New Yorker and was photographed in a Fendi turtleneck for Interview. He is in the midst of a 22-city book tour; last week he read in Nashville, Houston, Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Minneapolis.

The Case of the Elephant Bird

Fugitive Science

Road Trip to the Borderlands

Wild Thing is the title of the English translation by Professor of Theater Harley Erdman of Luis Vélez de Guevara’s original 17th-century play La Serrana de la Vera. The production was selected for the renowned Siglo de Oro Drama Festival of Spanish Classical Theatre, performed annually at the Chamizal National Memorial in El Paso, Texas—on a long-negotiated border between the U.S. and Mexico that has been turned into a peace park.

Breaking Boundaries

Gierasch Honored for Stellar Research

The new UMass magazine is here! (Spring 2019)

The spring edition of UMass magazine is online now! Featuring love stories, adventure, and revolutionary research.

Federal Actions Spotlight

Keep up-to-date on how the university is responding to the executive order on immigration and other federal actions that affect UMass Amherst students, faculty, and staff.

Naturally Inspiring

Thayumanavan is recognized for his paper “Shrink-Wrapped Proteins as Next Generation Biologics,” published in Journal of the American Chemical Society. At the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Showcase held in the Life Sciences Laboratories Conference Center on April 29, Thayumanavan was formally presented the award, and gave a talk explaining his research, followed by a lively round of questions from the audience.


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