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French and Francophone Studies, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Graduate Courses

Course Descriptions for the Spring 2014 semester

FREN 644- EIGHTEENTH CENTURY THEATRE & NOVEL 3 credits Prof. Patrick Mensah

The French Enlightenment involved a critical renewal of European political and philosophical self-understanding through an iconoclastic revision of literary and philosophical representational forms associated with the ancien regime. This ?renewal? entailed a rethinking of the role of reason in political and social life, a re-conception of gender relations, and a redefinition of Europe?s relationship with non-European cultures. We will follow the staging of this triple agenda in the works (novels and plays) of Montesquieu, Beaumarchais, Marivaus, Rousseau, Diderot, Laclos, Prevost, Voltaire, and other luminaries of the Encyclopedie movement.

 FREN 670- EXPOSITORY PROSE 3 credits Prof. Eva Valenta

Course taught in French.  The purpose of the course is to improve the ability to write effective French prose, in particular for the purposes of literary and cultural analysis.  Coursework includes discussion of short literary works in French, regular compositions on these works (including rewrites), stylistic exercises, vocabulary-building exercises and short translations.

Requirements:  Frequent short papers, rewrites, written exercises, translations.


Course taught in English. A weekly workshop/class for all M.A. and M.A.T students teaching French and Italian language classes for the first time. The course will introduce current methods and ideas of language teaching and testing and will focus on the courses they are actually teaching. There are no exams or papers but there will be biweekly presentations.

FREN 728- PLEIADE & ECOLE LYON 3 credits Prof. Baillargeon

Course taught in French. The purpose of this seminar is to examine the evolution of two of the main "poetic schools" active through the mid-sixteenth century in France: l'École de Lyon and La Péiade. We will explore the poetics of these groups through the works of their "leaders": and main representatives such as Joachim Du Bellay, and Ronsard for the Pléiade, and Maurice Scève and Louise Labé for the École the Lyon, but also through the poetry of various of their satellites and lesser known figures. We will examine the fluctuations in the evolution of the expression of self-identity in the cultural and historical contexts when national literatures aim at reflecting and influencing major ideological and political changes.

Prerequisite: Satisfactory performance in courses beyond the 240 level or permission of the instructor. 

We also offer Independent Studies