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French and Francophone Studies, Deparment of Languages, Literatures and Cultures


Graduate Courses

Course Descriptions for the Fall 2015 semester

FREN 572 – BASIC METHODS OF TEACHING  3 credits Prof. Stacy Giufre

This course is taught in English.  This course will explore the teaching of foreign/second languages from theoretical, historical, and practical perspectives.  Students will engage in a range of activities designed to reinforce their understanding of the material and guide its application to their developing language teaching practices. The course is intended for both experienced and inexperienced language teachers.

FREN 584 – FRENCH CANADIAN LIT  3 credits Prof. Philippe Baillargeon

Contemporary Canadian poets, novelists, and dramatists writing in French. Prerequisite: Satisfactory performance in courses beyond the 240 level.

FREN 592S – MICROTEACHING: PREPRACTICUM  2 credits Prof. Rhonda Tarr

FREN 631 – 17th CENTURY COMIC VISION  3 credits Prof.  Patrick Mensah

Course taught in French.  A cross-generic study of the representation of the writer at work and the interrelationship between literature and society in Moliere's time. Emphasis on works by Moliere, La Fontaine, Bussy-Rabutin, Mme de Sevigne.

FREN 632 – 17th CENTURY TRAGIC VISION  3 credits Prof. Patrick Mensah

FREN 670- EXPOSITORY PROSE 3 credits Prof. Eva Valenta

Course taught in French.  The purpose of the course is to improve the ability to write effective French prose, in particular for the purposes of literary and cultural analysis.  Coursework includes discussion of short literary works in French, regular compositions on these works (including rewrites), stylistic exercises, vocabulary-building exercises and short translations.

Requirements:  Frequent short papers, rewrites, written exercises, translations.


Course taught in English. A weekly workshop/class for all M.A. and M.A.T students teaching French and Italian language classes for the first time. The course will introduce current methods and ideas of language teaching and testing and will focus on the courses they are actually teaching. There are no exams or papers but there will be biweekly presentations.

FREN 801 – CONTEMPORARY CRITICAL THEORY 3 credits  Prof. Patrick Mensah

We also offer Independent Studies