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Artist's rendering of the ISB interior.

Hampshire DC Renovation


Hampshire Dining Commons was originally constructed in 1966. The building is a two-story, 46,000gsf, concrete frame, unsprinklered dining facility. The main entry level is at a split level between the 1st and 2nd floors, with no public elevator access to either floor.

Most of the mechanical equipment in the building is original and well beyond its useful service life. Similarly, the majority of the building's electrical systems have exceeded their life expectancy. While the building appears to be structurally sound, much of the exterior wall surfaces are in poor condition.

The campus has concluded that improvements for Hampshire DC should be addressed immediately due to overcrowding in the recently renovated, highly successful, Berkshire DC, and the additional 1,500 beds coming on line when the new Commonwealth Honors College Residential Complex is completed in the fall of 2013. 

The new Hampshire DC will complement, and not compete with, Berkshire DC.  Due to their close proximity, both Berkshire and Hampshire DC should be viewed as a single food service experience for the Southwest quadrant of campus, allowing for an expanded palette of themes and food service delivery ideas. For the renovated Hampshire DC, the interweaving of retail and entertainment with the dining experience will be an important consideration. The design reflects both the current demographic group utilizing the existing facility and the anticipated demographic group coming from the Commonwealth Honors College.

The newly renovated 46,000 sq. ft. facility, at a total project cost of $15.5M, will have the capacity to serve up to 650 students and is expected to be open by the beginning of the fall semester, 21013. 

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