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Project Management Approach

Due to an increased project workload, the large scale and diversity of these projects, and the renewed interest in the campus's deferred maintenance backlog, the Division has adopted the project management approach for the delivery of its services. Project Management is a team-based methodology for accomplishing a specific project that has a finite beginning and end.

Each project in the Division is assigned to a Project Manager who is responsible for the project's budget, schedule and scope.

  • Budget: the total project cost, which needs to remain within the available funding throughout the duration of a project.
  • Schedule: the milestones and completion dates of the project.
  • Scope: the physical size of the project, the quality of the physical materials employed, and the design aesthetic.

At least one of these three components must remain flexible in order for a project to be successful.

It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to:

  • Plan: Actively participate in and, where appropriate, lead the development of schedules, budgets, project teams, designs, and all other facets of a project.
  • Implement: Coordinate the work of the various team members, schedule meetings, identify potential problems early, ensure continuity of the project as it moves from stage to stage, and maintain project files.
  • Balance: Maintain the balance between budget, schedule and scope through re-evaluation, re-planning, and scheduling to achieve a result which most closely meets the parameters of the project.
  • Serve the Customer: Keep customers informed and involved through entire process.