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Artist's rendering of the ISB interior.

Construction News for
the Week of August 17, 2014





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Champions Center
Integrative Learning Center
Lincoln Campus Center Concourse / Blue Wall
McGuirk Alumni Stadium Upgrade



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Champions Center
Commonwealth Avenue

Champions Center 

Brick exterior is going up.

Questions and comments about this project should be directed to the UMass Design & Construction Management project manager, Cleve Carrens, at 7-0129 or

A live web cam of the project is available here.

More information about the Champions Center project, including new renderings, can be found on the project information page.

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Integrative Learning Center
(formerly the Academic Classroom Building)



The walkway south of the Campus Center and east of the Student Union is now open.

Campus Pond Walkway

The walkway across the north end of the Campus Pond will remain closed throughout construction. Walking east-west will require traveling around the Pond at the south end (Fine Arts Center), or traveling through or around Hasbrouck Lab and the Campus Center to the north. In some cases, this may add extra travel time, but we're hoping to minimize that by laying out clear and reliable alternate routes to and from various points on campus. 

Questions about this project should be directed to the project manager, Jeff Quackenbush at 5-6453 or

For more information about this project, see the Integrative Learning Center Project information page.

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Lincoln Campus Center Concourse / Blue Wall



The sidewalk on the south side of Lincoln Campus Center will be closed next week, Monday 8/11/14 - Friday 8/29/14, in connection with the LCC Dining Services Renovation. The sidewalk extends from the LCC/ILC footbridge, around the Metawampee Lawn, to the top of the stairs at the southeast corner of the Student Union. Contractors will be saw-cutting the sidewalk, excavating for new footings and foundations, and stockpiling material for the new vestibule addition to the new LCC dining facility.

See the graphic, left.  Most of the southern sections of the Lincoln Campus Center concourse level, and a small portion east of the escalators, are now sealed to allow for negative air flow during demolition.  These areas will remain largely inaccessible for the duration of construction.  Concourse-level restrooms, building elevators, and the passageway to the Student Union will remain open.  Most of the north side of the concourse level will also remain open, including the University Bookstore and escalators to/from the lower level of the building.  Demolition and construction activity will result in intermittently high noise levels.

While the Blue Wall is closed for renovation, faculty, staff and students can continue to find light fare at French Meadow on the concourse, or dine at an expanded Hatch at the Student Union.  For more information about all UMass dining locations, hours and menus, go to

Questions about this project should be directed to the Design & Construction Management project manager, Stephen Lobik, at 545-6516 or

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McGuirk Alumni Stadium Upgrades


Stadium turf is being replaced.

The contractor is working through a finishing "punch list" and landscaping. 

For background information about this project, see the project information page

A live project web cam is available here.

Questions about the project should be directed to the FP project manager, Joe Balzano, at 545-2179;

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Questions and comments should be directed to Jim Hunt, Communications Manager;; (413) 577-4767.