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Course Topics

David Julian McClements, UMass

1) Introductory Remarks

David Julian McClements, UMass

2) Emulsion Droplets: Characteristics and Importance Properties

John Coupland,
Penn State

3) Droplet Characterization: Microstructure, Size, and Charge

David Julian McClements, UMass

4) Stabilizers: Emulsifiers, Texture Modifiers, Weighting Agents, and Ripening Inhibitors

David Julian McClements, UMass

5) Emulsion Formation

John Coupland,
Penn State

6) Principles of Emulsion Stability (1)

David Julian McClements, UMass

7) Principles of Emulsion Stability (2)

Yuan Fang,

8) Flavor Encapsulation in Emulsions: Industry Perspective

David Julian McClements, UMass

9) Emulsion Rheology: Principles and Techniques

Hang Xiao,

10) Emulsions for Bioactive Delivery

David Julian McClements, UMass

11) Advanced Emulsions: Structural Design for Improved Functionality

Eric Andrew Decker, UMass

12) Chemical Stability in Food Emulsions

Brian Degner,

13) Emulsion Science in Practice: Challenges and Opportunities in Sauce Development

Poster Presentations

Michael Driver, Yue Li, Thunnalin Winuprasith, Jinkai Zheng, David Julian McClements and Lili He.

1) Amphiphilic Gold Nanoparticles for Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering: Fabrication and Applications in Emulsions.

Amir Hossein Saberi, PhD. David Julian McClements

2) Effect of Glycerol on Formation, Stability and Properties of Transparent Vitamin-E Enriched Nanoemulsions Produced using Spontaneous Emulsification.

Leann Barden, D. Julian McClements, Pierre Villeneuve, A. Walsh and Eric Decker

3) Understanding Lipid Oxidation in Low-Moisture Systems.

Bicheng Wu, Brian Degner, David Julian McClements.


4) Controlling Microstructure & Rheology of Mixed Colloidal Dispersions for Low-fat Products

Leqi Cui

5) Impact of Phosphotidylethanolamine and Its Combination with Phosphotidylcholine on Lipid Oxidation in Bulk Oils

Mingfei Yao, David Julian McClements, Hang Xiao

6) Enhance intestinal lymphatic transport of lipophilic bioactive food components by nanoemulsion delivery system

Jingjing Chen, David Julian McClements, Hang Xiao

7) Nanoemulsion Delivery System to Enhance Bioavailability of Polymethoxyflavones

Jennifer Komaiko, D. Julian McClements

8) Factors Affecting Isothermal Low-Energy Nanoemulsion Formation: Hydrocarbon Oil, Non-ionic Surfactant, and Water Systems

Yui Li, Wallace Yokoyama, Fang Zhong

9) Properties of chitosan microencapsulated orange oil prepared by spray-drying and its stability to detergents


Ying Yang, David Julian McClements

10) Vitamin E and Vitamin E acetate solubilization in mixed micelles: Physicochemical basis of bioaccessibility

Chanelle N. Adams, D. J. McClements, Lynne McLandsborough.

11) Oil disrupts the efficacy of lauric arginate in oil-in-water emulsions

Kyle Landry, Yuhua Chang, Lynne McLandsborough, and D. Julian McClements.

12) The effectiveness of a spontaneous carvacrol nano-emulsion against Salmonella enterica subsp. Enteritidis and Escherichia coli 0157:H7 on contaminated mung bean seeds

Kittipongpittaya K, Panya A, McClements DJ, and Decker EA.

13) Reverse micelles of multiple surface active minor components and their effect on lipid oxidation in bulk oil

Cynthia Lyliam Lopez-Pena and David Julian McClements

14) Optimizing Antimicrobial Delivery Systems: Competitive Interactions of Cationic Polylysine with Anionic κ-Carrageenan and Pectin.

Iris J. Joye, Veronique A. Nelis and D. Julian McClements

15) Gluten-based Functional Ingredients: Emulsifiers and Nanoparticles

Cheryl Chung, Brian Degner and David Julian McClements

16) Combined Cyclic Squeezing Flow and Shear Viscometry Texture Assessment for Semi-Solid Foods: Simulated Mastication versus Sensory Evaluation

Fang Tian; Eric A. Decker; Julie M. Goddard

17) Control of lipid oxidation by a non-migratory active packaging film prepared by surface grafting of a biomimetic chelator

Maxine J. Roman, Fang Tian, Eric A. Decker and Julie M. Goddard.

18) Preventing Oxidation of Bioactive Compounds via Iron Chelating Active Packaging: Influence of Surface Chemistry