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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Food Science Department look for in applicants?
The department of Food Science is looking for candidates with a strong background in science who have excelled in the prerequisite science courses (organic chemistry, statistics, general microbiology with lab, biochemistry, and two semesters of general chemistry).

I have a non-science undergraduate degree, can I enter the program? What are the pre-reqs?
The prerequisites are courses in general chemistry (2 semesters), organic chemistry, statistics, general microbiology with lab, and biochemistry.

If I'm missing a requirement, can I take it after entering the program?
Applicants must have had all chemistry and biochemistry courses before entering the program. The other prerequisites can be completed after entering the program.

After I complete the 1-year Professional MS program, would I be eligible for the application of Ph.D program?
Admission to the Ph.D. program requires a faculty member agreeing to direct the dissertation of the applicant regardless of  their  background. 

Are your programs offered in an online format?
No. Our programs are currently campus-based.

Can these programs be done on a part-time basis?
It is possible, although not common.

What are your application requirements?
General information on admissions requirements and applying are available at the Graduate School web site. Information for international students is available at the Graduate School web site as well.

How much does it cost to apply to your program?
Application feels and other admission requirements are available at the Graduate School web site.

What are the application deadlines for your programs?
Visit the Graduate School web site for this information.

How many applicants do you receive and how many are admitted?
The number of applicants varies from year to year. The acceptance rate is <25% .

Does your program have a spring admittance?

What are the tuition and fees for your program?
What are the opportunities for funding?

Tuition and fees information is available from the Bursar. Questions on the availability of financial assistance should be directed to individual faculty members or, for U.S. applicants, from Financial Aid Services.

What are the minimum and average GPA and GRE scores of admitted students?
The Food Science Department does not calculate this data.

What is the department code for TOEFL score reports?

What are TOEFL requirements for admission in MS at UMass Amherst?
The minimum TOEFL score is 80.

Can I have information on your programs mailed to me?
No. All information on our programs is posted on this web site. If you have a specific question that is not answered in the information on our web site, submit a question via our information request form.