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wednesday 4 march


(dir Costanza Quatriglio, Italy, 2014, 63 min, English & Italian w/English subtitles)

This documentary parallels the events of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York with those of the knitwear factory building collapse in Barletta, Italy 100 years later. Through archival footage and interviews, it explores the century-long journey through the rise and fall of labor and industrialization in the western world. 

screening with... 

Voices from the Booth

(Kolot Mi-habudke)

(dir Lina Chaplin, Israel, 2014, 49 min, Hebrew and Russian w/English subtitles)

They are seemingly ubiquitous, yet nearly invisible.  Many of Israel's security guards have immigrated to Israel and have taken work far different from the professions of their former lives.  The heroes of this film include former musicians, a writer, and a surgeon, all striving to remain creative and necessary in spite of dramatic shifts in location and professional standing. 

Introduction by Daniel Pope, UMass.

7:30pm UMass Amherst
137 Isenberg School of Management



From New York City in 1911 to Barletta, Italy in 2011, Costanza Quatriglio's Triangle is a portrait of the faces and voices of workers across geographic, cultural, and temporal distances. [official website | event poster]

Voices from the Booth
In Voices from the Booth immigrants confront the threat of becoming invisible in their new homeland. [official website | event poster].




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