UMASS Summer 2008 Film & Video Courses  (updated 4/6/08)

Note:  This guide is a work-in-progress.  Course info may be subject to change.  We will update the website as we get more information.


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Summer 2008:


ENGL 339  FILM & LITERATURE                       Session I (6/2/2008 - 7/10/2008)

60579  TuWeTh 4:00PM - 6:30PM, location   TBA    

Michael Carolan                       Cap 22

Film-works as extensions, continuations, syntheses, and reconstitutions of cultural and artistic traditions. The historical, formal, and aesthetic relationships between literature and the cinema. Emphasis on problems raised in literary aesthetics as a result of film.




60558 Time/location TBA                    Session I (6/2/2008 - 7/10/2008)

Edwin Gentzler, Loc Pham                    Cap 25

**Online Course.  Focus on "images" of the war as presented in poetry, fiction, and film , often comparing the same image as it has been "rewritten" in literature and film. How images are manipulated by (re)writers to reinforce or subvert powerful cultural and political institutions.  (Gen.Ed. AL,G)