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Here you can browse the different Champion Trees on campus. If available, click on the green checkmark in the rightmost column to view a picture of the tree of interest, along with its map location and GPS coordinates!
You can easily sort the results by clicking on the table headers.

The Champion trees have been selected due to their historical, cultural, and/or aesthetic value.
Click Here to view a letter from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation outlining information and criteria for champion trees!
Type of Tree Date Location Notes Photo/Map
Japanese Elm 1899 This tree is located thirty feet southeast of the southeast corner of South College This tree was brought from Sapporo Agricultural College in Japan in 1890 by Professor William Penn Brooks. It is the first of its species in America and became the class tree of 1899.
Swamp White Oak 1880 East of Skinner Planted in 1880, this tree was designated Champion status in 1998.
Japanese Larch 1974 Southwest of the Rhododendron Garden Designated Champion Tree in 1974.
Pin Oak 1908 25 feet south of Munson Hall. Class tree of 1908, this tree was designated Champion status in 1974.
Scots Pine 1974 Butterfield Dormitory. 1974 Tall Champion Tree of Massachusetts. This tree no longer exists.
Umbrella Pine 1877 Northeast of Rhododendron Garden. Two trees grown from seeds sent to M.A.C from Japan by President William S. Clark in 1877.