Accounting, Budget & Procurement
Accounting, Budget & Procurement

FCS Administrative Services provides a broad range of centralized financial functions for all FCS divisions. We've broadly categorized these functions as Accounting & Reconciliation, Capital, Operating & Utilities Budgeting and Procurement & Contracts. Scroll down to see the personnel assigned to each area.


Accounting & Budgeting

A&B is responsible for a variety of accounting, budgeting and business functions supporting FCS operations including allocation management of approved capital plan project funding from a variety of sources (campus, debt, departmental, gifts, grants, and state), and the monitoring of operating budgets for FCS departments, revenue trust fund operations, and utilities commodities.  Accounting & Budgeting processes all FCS invoices, monitors outstanding invoices and purchase order balances, billing for FCS services rendered to the campus community, and departmental recharges.  A&B also manages the pre-travel authorization and travel reimbursement process, Procard records, campus/cell phone plans, and other general accounting and reconciliation procedures.

Julie Goudrealt, Budget Analyst

Goudrealt, Julie
Budget Analyst
Desk: (413) 577
Julie is a Budget Analyst providing monitorin, reconciliation, analysis and reporting of FCS division operational budgets, special projects, staffing costs and capital project funding.

Suzanne Hatch, Procard and Project Closeouts

Hatch, Suzanne
Procard & Project Closeouts
Desk: (413) 545-6513

Suzanne handles project close-out processes. She also manages all Procards and project closeouts.

Shirley Ortiz, Project Specialist

Ortiz, Shirley
Project Specialist
Desk: (413) 577-1733

Shirley assists in the processing of project budgets for Design & Construction Management. She also manages the travel and business expense reimbursement process.

Tami Patenaude, Accounting Clerk

Patenaude, Tami
Accounting Clerk
Desk: (413) 545-2955

Tami processes accounts payable for Physical Plant and Parking Services. She also tracks outstanding invoices and purchase order balances.

Victoria Voloshinov, Account Analyst

Voloshinov, Victoria
Account Analyst
Desk: (413) 577-4473

Victoria handles revenue and budget entries for operating budgets and specialized projects. She also helps to prepare UMBA billing and financial reports.

Cathy West, Accounts Payable Clerk

West, Cathy M.
Accounts Payable Clerk
Desk: (413) 545-6409

Cathy processes invoices for Physical Plant utility commodities



Procurement & Contracts

P&C is responsible for procurement and contracting activities within FCS, including requests for bids and proposals.  They're also responsible for the procurement and management of materials inventory.


Lynn Omasta, Procurement & Contracts Manager

Omasta, Lynn
Procurement & Contracts Manager
Desk: (413) 545-4967
Fax: (413) 545-1450

Lynn is responsible for managing the development and administration of all FCS purchasing and contracts.

Billy Coleman, Buyer

Coleman, Billy
Desk: (413) 545-2830
Billy is responsible for day-to-day purchasing and contract administration in Physical Plant Stores.

Evelyn Sanchez, Buyer

Sanchez, Evelyn
Desk: (413) 577-4692

Evelyn is responsible for day-to-day purchasing and contract administration.

John St. Denis, Buyer

St. Denis, John
Desk: (413) 545-2637

John is responsible for day-to-day purchasing and contract administration in Physical Plant Stores.