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About Us

Who we are and what we do.

FCS Administrative Services provides a broad range of centralized administrative functions for Campus Planning, Design & Construction Management, Physical Plant, and Transportation Services.


Accounting & Budgeting

A&B is responsible for a variety of accounting, budgeting and business functions supporting FCS operations including allocation management of approved capital plan project funding from a variety of sources (campus, debt, departmental, gifts, grants, and state), and the monitoring of operating budgets for FCS departments, revenue trust fund operations, and utilities commodities.  Accounting & Budgeting processes all FCS invoices, monitors outstanding invoices and purchase order balances, billing for FCS services rendered to the campus community, and departmental recharges.  A&B also manages the pre-travel authorization and travel reimbursement process, Procard records, campus/cell phone plans, and other general accounting and reconciliation procedures.

If you have a question about operational or capital plan budgets, or utility commodity data, or don’t know whom to contact with accounting and reconciliation questions, you want to speak with Julie Goudrealt at (413) 577-4757 or jgoudrealt@facil.umass.edu.

Julie Goudrealt, Budget Analyst



Jim Hunt is responsible for developing, coordinating and implementing the communications efforts of each of the FCS divisions. He performs executive management of all FCS electronic media including promotional and information email distributions, web sites, social media and news feeds. Jim acts as liaison for campus news outlets, departments, clubs, organizations, industry groups, and he works with the UMass Office of News & Media Relations, University Relations, and other UMass communications entities, to provide information and resources to news media and state agencies regarding Facilities issues.

You can find out more about FCS Communications, including information on the FCS Catalog, the FCS Brand Book, our weekly PSAs on WMUA, how to get on (or off) our Construction Advisory email distribution list, and how to arrange for a constuction update presentation for your school, department or organization, by visting the FCS Communications page.

If you have a question or comment about this web site, or about Facilities & Campus Services in general, you want to contact Jim Hunt at (413) 320-2518 or jhunt@facil.umass.edu.


Customer Service

Customer Service is responsible for the process by which the campus community requests facilities-related work and the systems used to track work orders, ensuring that work flows efficiently through FCS from intake to completion.  Customer Service Representatives identify, assist in planning, and schedule planned work.  They also act as a point of contact for the campus community to check the status of work requests and address facilities-related questions and concerns.

If you have a question about Customer Service, a Work Request, a Work Order, or don't know which Customer Service Representative is assigned to your department, you want to contact Melissa Bergeron at (413) 545-6443 or mbergeron@facil.umass.edu.


Document Archives & Printing

Pat archives all documents for construction projects done on campus. She also provides copies of prints for staff, consultants and contractors. The Archive contains official construction records for UMass Amherst buildings going back to the early 1900's.

If you're looking for, or have a question about, construction documents, you want to contact Pat Parenteau at (413) 545-6495 or pparenteau@admin.umass.edu. Pat Parenteau, Construction Archives & Records Manager


Human Resources

HR is responsible for a variety of human resource and personnel functions including staff and student searches, time & attendance, Family Medical Leave Act processing, industrial accidents reporting, staff training, time & attendance processing, and all F&CS personnel action forms.

If you have a question about FCS human resources or personnel, you want to speak with Ginger Thomas at (413) 545-6455 or grthomas@umass.edu.

Ginger Thomas, F&CS Human Resources Manager


Procurement & Contracts

P&C is responsible for procurement and contracting activities within F&CS, including requests for bids and proposals.  They're also responsible for the procurement and management of materials inventory.

If you have a question about procurement, purchasing or contracts, you want to contact Lynn Omasta at (413) 545-4967 or lomasta@umass.edu. Lynn Omasta, Contract / Purchasing Manager


Work Management

WM is responsible for the process by which the campus community requests facilities-related work and the systems used to track work orders, ensuring that work flows efficiently through FCS from intake to completion.  Work Management includes the Facilities Solutions Center.

The Facilities Solutions Center, located on the second floor of the Physical Plant Building, triages all work requests.  The Center is staffed 24/7/365, and can dispatch personnel to handle facilities related emergencies and also enter non-emergency planned work into our operations and maintenance system for review and assignment. 

If you have a general question about Work Management, or a question about the Facilities Solutions Center, you want to contact Jim Antonovitch at (413) 545-9627 or fish442@facil.umass.edu.

Jim Antonovitch, Manager, work Management