UMass Amherst Family Weekend

Family Weekend at UMass Amherst
Photo of student and parents

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Family Weekend 2014?

The dates for Family Weekend 2014 are October 24-26.

Can we make hotel reservations now?

We suggest you make your reservations sooner rather than later. There are a limited number of hotels/motels in the area and in the fall, they fill quickly. A list of places to stay is posted on the Office of Parent Services website.

Will there be programming on Friday and Sunday of Family Weekend?

Yes, there will be a movie on Friday and a brunch on Sunday. The majority of the programming will be held on Saturday so if you cannot stay over night, you will still be able to participate in most of the events.

When will the schedule of events be available online?

The schedule of events will be posted in August 2014.

When will we be able to register for the weekend?

Online registration typically opens in August.

We are divorced, but we both want to participate in Family Weekend for our student, how can we do this?

This is not a problem. After you register, email us at to let us know the names of both parents/guardians and we will make up two separate packets for you.

How can my special needs be accommodated? (Handicapped parking, dietary restrictions, accessibility questions, etc)

After you register, please send us a note at with your needs and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please note: We do not supply wheelchairs or scooters.

Are there other things to do in town that weekend?

Yes, there are several other things to do in the town of Amherst that weekend. There will be a special page in your registration packet that will have the information for these events.

What if I have other questions that you did not answer here?

Please send your questions to us at or call 413.577.4444 and we will do our best to get you the answers that you need.