Rudd Adoption Research Program

Dr. Harold Grotevant is The Rudd Family Foundation Endowed Chair in the Department of Psychology.  In this capacity, Dr. Grotevant leads the Rudd Adoption Research Program, which is affiliated with the Center for Research on Families.

The goal of the Rudd Adoption Research Program is to establish UMass Amherst as the leader in state-of-the-art research on the psychology of adoption through conferences, workshops, graduate and postdoctoral training opportunities, and stimulation of research activities. The program strives to develop synergy among scientists from the varied disciplines who share interests in the many topics relevant to adoption. Program activities provide evidence-based practice in adoption and research-based information to influence policy at agency, state, federal, and international levels.   


New Worlds of Adoption Conference

The Rudd Adoption Research Program, in collaboration with the Center for Research on Families, holds an annual conference on new perspectives on adoption, with panel presentations by international scholars, and is attended by professionals in the human services fields, students, social science researchers, and community members.


"New Worlds of Adoption: Launching into Adulthood" - April 17, 2015


"New Worlds of Adoption: Helping Families Overcome Early Adversity"  - April 11, 2014

"New Worlds of Adoption: Contact Between Adoptive & Birth Familes: What Works?" - April 11 &12, 2013

"New Worlds of Adoption: Navigating the Teen Years" - March 30, 2012

"New Worlds of Adoption: Research-Based Interventions Promoting Attachment" - April 8, 2011