How do I apply, when is the application due and when will I hear?

To find out the details of the application click on the link to the right.  Completed applications are due in mid January each year, and award decisions are announced early February.  This provides ample time to notify your department and to confirm  the course release for the following year.   

Is the program more suitable for an early investigator?
Faculty from all ranks (assistant, associate, full professors) and all departments are eligible to apply and have found the program beneficial. Only tenure track faculty are eligible to apply.

Can I apply if I am not in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences or College of Natural Sciences?
Yes. However, CNS and CSBS applicants will be given preference. Both your chair and dean will need to sign an agreement specific to the terms agreed upon with your particular college. Representation across disciplines is desired.

Is my research project considered Family Research?
Family research is broadly defined as research on issues affecting families and thus encompasses all disciplines. When you apply, be sure to explicitly present how you view your research as family -related. CRF staff are happy to discuss this with you as you prepare an application.

My project is currently in the early conceptualization stage and there are no preliminary findings or articles in progress.  What is your recommendation about whether I should apply this year?
The FRS program is most appropriate for faculty who are ready to begin writing a major grant proposal when they start the program in September.    It is preferable that preliminary findings and articles have been written, and that now you are prepared to secure funding for this research.