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Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson Photo
Professor Emeritus, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Family Research Scholar, 2003-04 & 2007-08




Daniel Anderson’s general area of research is children and media, particularly television. He focuses on a cognitive analysis of children’s television viewing, as well as the impact of television on cognitive development and education.

Dr. Anderson’s research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, as well as private foundations and industry.His current research concerns the impact of television on infants and toddlers as well as toddler attention to and comprehension of video. Dr. Anderson participated in the Family Research Scholars program twice: initially to develop his successful proposal to the National Science Foundation on “The Impact of Television on Very Young Children” and a subsequent year, to prepare a a proposal to the National Institute for Children’s Health and Development to investigate the use and impact of television and videos on infants and toddlers.