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Research from Two CRF Family Research Scholars Featured on Equal Pay Day

The research of two Family Research Scholars, Michelle Budig (’06-’07) and Nancy Folbre (’07-’08), was cited in articles about Equal Pay Day on April 17th.

Budig, associate professor of sociology, was featured in a TIME Business article “Should we be ‘Celebrating’ Equal Pay Today – or in January?”  The article discusses Budig’s work around the “motherhood penalty”, where women who leave the workforce to have children earn less in the future as a result.  Budig’s work estimates that in 2009 the “typical full-time female worker earned $1,100 less per child.”

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Additionally, a Huffington Post article putting Equal Pay Day in the context of the renewal of the “Mommy Wars” and partisan attacks on equal pay bills quoted Budig and her graduate student Melissa Hodges (2010-11 CRF Graduate Student Fellow).  In assessing the wage gap between men and women, the two found “women working in low-wage jobs face the toughest wage penalties for motherhood.”

Also featured in the article was Folbre, professor of economics, whose work discusses the economic choices of women.  Folbre’s research details how women tend to enter caring fields, such as nursing and home health care, “which offer relatively poor pay given the skill and education necessary for much of this work.”

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Equal Pay Day began in 1996 and was originated by the National Committee on Pay Equity.