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Five Colleges Childhood Studies Group (CSG) hosts series of residencies in the areas of children’s rights and the study of youth

During the upcoming academic year, the Five Colleges Childhood Studies Group (CSG) will host a series of residencies supported by Five Colleges, Inc., which are designed to support and enhance curricular offerings in the areas of children’s rights and the study of youth in general.  Each visitor will spend up to a week in
the area and will deliver a public lecture as well as meet with interested faculty and students, both to discuss scholarship and help us strengthen the intellectual and institutional presence of childhood studies in the Five Colleges.  

Oct 1-5:  The first scholar in residence will be Elizabeth Cohen, of Syracuse University.  Ms. Cohen is a senior research associate with the Campbell Public Affairs Institute at Syracuse University.  She has published widely on issues of children’s citizenship and is the author of Semi-Citizenship in Democratic Politics (2009). 

Sept 26-29:  Professor Allison James, our second visitor, is the Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre in the Social Sciences and Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth at the University of Sheffield in the UK. 

During the spring, we will be joined by Professor Michael Freeman of University College London.  He will be here during the week of February 24.  Professor Freeman is the Founding Editor of the International Journal of Children's Rights and has been active in several other journals.  He has published in the areas of family law, child law and policy, children's rights, and medical ethics and law, among others.  His research interests are in the rights of children and in medical ethics, particularly in relation to medically assisted reproduction. 

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