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CRF Scholars in the News - September 2012

Nancy Folbre discusses Mitt Romney’s remarks on those who don’t pay taxes in her NYTimes Economix blog post “Conservatives and the Zombie Apocalypse.” She says that “the basic right-wing story line evokes the zombie apocalypse: The shambling, diseased living dead — Obama Zombies — are threatening human civilization.” (New York Times, 9/24/12)


Nancy Folbre’s Economix post, “Patriarchal Norms Still Shape Family Care,” points out the strong influence that gender roles and norms still have a tremendous influence on American Society. Folbre notes that neither presidential candidate has confronted this reality for fear of offending independent voters, and a good place to begin changing fundamental attitudes would be to evaluate how we view family roles for both men and women. (New York Times, 9/17/12)


Rebecca Spencer, Assistant Professor of Psychology and past CRF Family Research Scholar (’10-’11) was quoted in the Examiner for her work on the effects of napping and sleep on toddlers. Spencer says, “Right now, there's nothing to support teachers who feel that naps can really help young children, there's no concrete science behind that. But if sleep is going to enhance all these benefits of attending preschool, we need to know it.” (The Examiner, 9/16/12)


Nancy Folbre looks into lessons that politicians can learn from the NFL in her Economix post. She discusses how a focus on maximizing shareholder value emphasizes short-term profits at the expense of long-run performance. Noting how well the National Football League's management has worked to prevent gambling by players, Folbre says all business leaders—including Mitt Romney—should take notice. (New York Times, 9/10/12)


Nancy Folbre was quoted in Market Watch for her thoughts on the GOP’s support for working parents. Folbre welcomed Ann Romney’s praise for mothers and working women at the Republican National Convention, but would like to see more details about what she and the Republican propose to do to help working mothers. (Market Watch, 8/29/12)


M.V. Lee Badgett, Director of the Center for Public Policy and Administration and past CRF Family Research Scholar (’04-’05) wrote a letter-to-the-editor in The Examiner about the financial benefits that would come to Tasmania if same-sex marriage was legalized there. According to Badgett, Tasmania would gain nearly $100 million in business spending if it was the first state to allow marriage for same-sex couples, and she presented this study to Premier Lara Giddings last February. (The Examiner, 8/17/12)

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