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CRF Hosts "Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data" Workshop presented by Dr. Jean-Philippe Laurenceau (UDelaware) and Dr. Niall Bolger (Columbia)

From June 19th to 22nd the Center for Research on Families held the "Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data" workshop. Dr. Jean-Philippe Laurenceau (University of Delaware) and Dr. Niall Bolger (Columbia University) led the course and discussed how intensive longitudinal data gathered through experience sampling, daily diary, and ecological momentary assessment methods can be used to examine people’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in their natural contexts.


The workshop covered: history and introduction to intensive longitudinal methods and designs, analyzing the time course of intensive longitudinal data, analyzing within-person processes, intensive longitudinal data from dyads, categorical intensive longitudinal outcomes, psychometrics of intensive longitudinal data, power in intensive longitudinal studies, and mediation in intensive longitudinal data. All participants agreed that the instructors were both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topic.

Participants complemented the lecturers' use of vivid examples, thorough discussion of the background of the different approaches, and responsiveness to questions. One participant commented that a workshop strength was when the instructors shared "their 'battle' stories [about]  analyzing data, addressing reviewer comments and trying to figure out syntaxes."

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