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Article Authored by Former Family Research Scholar Naomi Gerstel Referenced in The Atlantic

Naomi Gerstel

The cover story of the November 2011 edition of the Atlantic, “All the Single Ladies” references a 2006 paper co-authored by former Family Research Scholar (’03-’04) and Professor of Sociology Naomi Gerstel.  The paper, co-authored with Natalia Sarkisian and titled “Marriage: The Good, the Bad, and the Greedy “ concluded that married couples spend less time with and offer less support to friends and family.  

The Atlantic article, written by Kate Bolick, highlights the new state of affairs of the marriage-minded woman, with what she terms, “the deterioration of the male condition.” She says that this deterioration has “disrupted the romantic market” to narrow women’s options for marriage.

You can check out the online version of the Atlantic Magazine article here:

During her scholar year, Gerstel, whose research focuses on work and families, with particular attention to gender gaps in paid and unpaid caregiving, developed proposals with fellow Family Research Scholar Dan Clawson, which were funded by the National Science Foundation, the Sloan Foundation and NAEMT. She recently published a fact sheet for the Council on Contemporary Families in honor of Unmarried and Singles Week.