Methodology Consulting Services (MCS)

CRF's Methodological Consulting Services (MCS) provides consultation in study design and statistical analysis. MCS has particular expertise in methods for analyzing non-experimental data that arise in studies of families and dyads, with an emphasis on multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, and analysis of nested and longitudinal data. It also offers consultation on logistic regression, and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA). MCS offers consulting in all stages of research, including design, sampling, measurement, and analysis.

·     Issues in study design, measurement and sampling

·     Power analysis

·     Data analysis, including training in the use of software packages

·     Contributing to methodology sections of manuscripts and grant proposals

Who can use our services?

CRF provides FREE* Consulting to Students and Faculty in the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Social and Behavioral Science, as well as CRF Affiliates. (NOTE: Free consulting is limited)

Students and Faculty from other Colleges & Schools at UMass, the 5 Colleges and other external Colleges and companies are welcome to use the MCS services for a fee. Costs will vary according to project scope as determined at intake.

  • Contact for more information, fee structure or to schedule an appointment.


Consulting services are provided by a team of faculty, CRF staff, and advanced graduate students. Dr. Aline Sayer oversees the consulting services and provides direct consultation, as well as on going supervision of the other members of the team.

Dr. Aline Sayer
Director, Methodology Program

Dr. Sayer cultivates her students both in and outside of her classroom year after year. The brightest and best are invited to join the staff of consultants that service family researchers at UMass and their students as well as external clients.

Tina Chen
Doctoral Student Consultant

Tina Chen is a Graduate Methodology Consultant and rising fourth year doctoral student in the Cognitive Psychology division. Her research focuses on basic item recognition memory, associative memory, mathematical models of these kinds of memory, as well as individual differences in memory. She is trained in a variety of statistical techniques, including ANOVA, regression, Bayesian statistics, hierarchical linear modeling, and structural equation modeling.

Daniel Rovenpor
Doctoral Student Consultant



Facilities and Software

The Methodology Consulting Services are located in the CRF offices in 622 Tobin Hall.

  • ·    It houses several computer workstations for individual consultation, software demonstration, and small group training.
  • ·    A meeting room holding 15 seats is available for larger group training and consultation.
  • ·    Software includes SAS, SPSS, and STATA statistical packages; specialized programs for multilevel modeling (HLM) and structural equation modeling (LISREL, M+), specialized programs for power analysis (Optimal Design; Power & Precision); and database transfer programs (DBMS/Copy).

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  • for more information, fee structure or to schedule an appointment.