The Center for Research on Families


One of the biggest challenges facing American parents and families today is striking a balance between the demands of work and the responsibilities and joys of raising a family. Samantha Schenck, a 2014 CRF Student Researcher, attempts to analyze the economic impacts of a California policy that partially alleviates the stressful issue of attempting to balance the demands of work and the needs of the family

Drs. Nilanjana Dasgupta (FRS 2006-07, 2012-13) and Rebecca Spencer (FRS 2010-11) are among nine faculty members selected as recipients of the Public Engagement Faculty Fellows program for 2015.

Every year the Center for Research on Families provides research support to students through scholarships and fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students. CRF is currently gearing up to accept applications for next year’s competition. CRF’s current 2014 student researchers are conducting research on a variety of topics ranging from economics to Neuroscience.  Their projects are described here.

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