Family Research Scholars Program 2015-2016

The Family Research Scholars Program provides a course release, mentoring and other support for up to six UMass faculty to each produce and submit a major grant proposal for family research in collaboration with the Center.  

Family research is broadly defined as research on issues affecting families and thus encompasses all disciplines. We are especially interested in research projects that are translational in nature, with an aim of linking basic research to human and family functioning and/or well-being.

If you are wondering whether your research qualifies as 'family research' please feel free to contact us to discuss. Also, look at other examples of Family Research Scholars' projects on the Past Scholars page to see the wide range of issues being addressed.  Faculty from all ranks (assistant, associate, full professors) are encouraged to apply.  

Family Research Scholars participate in a year-long interdisciplinary faculty seminar led through CRF.  The seminar supports Scholars in conceptualizing, writing, and submitting their planned grant proposals through several methods:

  • ·     ongoing presentations and discussions of the Scholars’ developing proposals;
  • ·     concrete instruction on the details of successful proposal submission and the resources of the University that support proposal submission;
  • ·     individualized consultation from a methodologist specializing in statistical analyses of complex multi-level datasets, and
  • ·     intensive consultation from off-campus experts in the Scholars’ targeted areas of family research. 

Application deadline:  January 23, 2015



UMass Faculty from all ranks (tenure track assistant, associate, full professors) and all departments are eligible. Representation across disciplines is desired. Proposals will be rated based on the suitability and appropriate timing of the proposed project for external funding, relevance to issues affecting families, and intellectual merit and broader significance. Preference is given to investigators from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and College of Natural Sciences. (If applicant is not a faculty member of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences or the College of Natural Sciences please contact Wendy Varner prior to applying in order to clarify the terms of participation and RTF distribution).

To Apply

Please briefly describe the grant application you anticipate preparing in no more than 3 pages. Your application should describe a well-conceptualized project and indicate your readiness for drafting a large grant proposal immediately when the seminars begin in Sept. 2015.

  1. Please include:
    Proposed title which communicates the focus of your research;
    Research problem and specific contribution you intend to make in this area;
    Significance of proposed research and relevance to family research;
    Anticipated methodological approach.

  2. Indicate whether you will be the principal investigator and any anticipated co-investigators.
  3. List the sponsor(s) to whom you anticipate submitting the proposal and deadlines and a well conceptualized rationale for approaching these funders.
  4. Which semester do you anticipate taking a course release?
  5. Detail other external sponsored research support received (prior success in securing funding does not diminish your chances of participating in the program.
  6. Indicate if you will also be applying to any other faculty grant development seminar series for faculty including the  Institute for Social Science Research program.

Please also include:

  • ·      A one-paragraph abstract of the proposal (not included in 3-page limit).
  • ·      Keywords - words or short phrases that specifically describe your research topic
  • ·      Current C.V. - upload
  • ·      Scholar Applcation - upload
  • ·      Signed FRSP Participation Agreement Form from your Chair (and Dean if appropriate*) - upload and/or email by deadline (TBD)

  • You can find the form here: Download PDF

*If you are not a faculty member of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences or the College of Natural Sciences your application will need to include an agreement signed by the Dean of your college. Contact Wendy Varner: 545-3593 or to request the agreement specific to your college.


Submissions can be submitted below or sent to Wendy Varner in an email attachment. Please contact Wendy with questions: 545-3593 or


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