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"Upper Extremity Stroke Rehabilitation: The Imperative For A "Family-Clinician Team"

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Dr. Steven Wolf

Professor of Medicine and Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Emory University School of Medicine

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6:00 pm
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April 11, 2011
Campus Center, Room 803

Dr. Wolf's current research focuses on restoration of upper extremity function following stroke. His research team is conducting an NIH-funded randomized national clinical trial (EXCITE, the Extremity Constraint-Induced Therapy Evaluation) to explore the effect of constraint-induced movement therapy of the hemiplegic upper extremity on recovery of movement function among patients who have sustained a stroke. Further areas of Dr. Wolf's research include: biomechanical changes in upper extremity motor control following stroke; the effects of direct motor cortical stimulation and intense upper extremity therapy on functional improvement among patients with stroke; the mechanisms underlying possible massed practice cortical reorganization using constraint-induced therapy; changes in behavior among patients and their caregivers when exposed to functionally-based therapeutic interventions; and the effects of robotic assistance on procurement of upper extremity function among patients with stroke.


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