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"Resilience: More than a Metaphor"

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Foundation Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University

Event Dates: 
March 26, 2009
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4:00 pm
521B Tobin Hall

We know from anecdote and research, science and art, that human resilience is a powerful, seemingly ubiquitous force. What is needed is a better understanding of the properties, applications, and variations of that concept. In this talk, I offer a road map for future research guided by past and present empirical evidence. I begin by defining Resilience as a natural capacity for sustainability of purpose and recovery from adversity, shaped by social-cultural forces within communities. Using data from a series of studies on chronic pain I illustrate how resilience is more than a metaphor, advocate methods for research on resilience across the life-span, and open discussion of innovative interventions designed to further resilience within people and across communities.