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ISI presents: The Challenges of Engagement: Public Scholarship in the Interdisciplinary Arena

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Nicholas Bromell (English Department) on Publication; Whitney Battle-Baptiste (Anthropology), on Community Engagement; and Elizabeth Chilton (Anthropology) on Tenure and Promotion.

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4:00 pm- 5:30 pm
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April 24, 2013
Campus Center - 904

The Interdisciplinary Studies Institute (ISI) is delighted to present a panel discussion of greatimportance to the campus. 

Insistent issues in higher education (affordability, accessibility, inclusion, the changing interactivities of technology) entail increasing pressures, challenges and opportunities in conducting work that is of broad relevance to society. The University’s own Strategic Planning document highlights the ways that, as a land grant and public research university, we have an obligation to serve various constituencies and communities. Engaged scholarship may have positive implications not only for the dissemination of knowledge but for our very forms of intellectual production. Yet those who undertake such work confront many difficulties, whether obtaining research funding, finding appropriate publication venues, or meeting tenure and promotion criteria. At the same time, definitions of what engagement and relevance mean may vary, quite legitimately, both within and across the disciplines. The panel, featuring members of this year’s ISI seminar on ‘Engagement,’ will highlight some of the benefits, opportunities, and challenges of engaged and interdisciplinary scholarship. The aim is to provide a thought-provoking discussion in which all who attend will be able to join. The event marks the culmination of this year’s ISI Faculty Seminar on ‘Engagement: The Challenge of Public Scholarship.’     

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Free and open to all