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"The flutter of a butterfly and the ripple in the water: Addressing health disparities through community based collaborative action research"


<p>MAGGIE PHARRIS, RN, PhD and AVONNE A. YANG, B.S.N., RN<br>College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota and ECPI College of Technology, North Carolina</p>

Event Dates: 
April 10, 2007
174-76 Campus Center
Event Time: 
7:30 pm

Nurses Pharris and Yang will be speaking about their experience in community engagement in health among groups with women with health disparities, especially Hmong, African American and Latina women. This event is co-sponsored by The Five College Program in Culture, Health and Science, the University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Nursing Expanding the Boundaries of Women's Health Initiative (funded by the US Health Services and Resources Administration), and the UMass Amherst Center for Research on Families.