Associate Professor, Sociology
Family Research Scholar 2004-05

Sanjiv Gupta's research is concentrated in the areas of family and gender, with a particular focus on time spent on housework and other activities such as leisure and socializing. Current projects include an examination of class inequalities among women with respect to their time spent on

housework, exercise, sleep and leisure; a cross-national comparison of the relationship between women's earnings and their time spent on housework; and an analysis of period trends in the U.S. divorce rate. The data for these studies come from the National Survey of Families and Households (U.S.), Panel Study of Income Dynamics (U.S.), and similar large datasets from other countries.

As a Family Research Scholar, Gupta delved into his research on period trends in the probability of divorce in the United States over the past three to four decades. The research models the influence on the individual likelihood of divorce of two sets of factors: changes in the effects of specific predictors of divorce and of major macroeconomic events. Gupta is particularly interested in the changing effects of women's employment hours, income and education on marital outcomes.

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