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CRF Faculty Director, Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Family Research Scholar 2006-07
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Stress Research Group

Maureen Perry-Jenkins is a nationally renowned scholar whose contributions on the national, state, regional, and university levels have had profound impact. Her work focuses on the ways in which socio-cultural factors such as race,

gender, and social class, shape the mental health and family relationships of parents and their children. Using a longitudinal research methodology, Perry-Jenkins' research examines the work and family experiences of blue-collar families, with particular attention to the experiences of people transitioning to parenthood, their early return to paid employment, and the effects on working-class parents' psychological well-being and personal relationships. As a CRF Scholar, Dr. Perry-Jenkins continued to work on her research considering the unique challenges facing low-income families as they juggle the demands of work and new parenthood. 

CRF Grants:
Preventing Prenatal Stress and Depression in Low-income Families

Proposal submitted to University of Massachusetts Medical School on May 7,2014.

Grant Status: Pending
Maureen Perry-Jenkins