Marsha Kline
Maconda Brown O'Connor Professor, Smith College School for Social Work
Family Research Scholar 2007-08 & 2014-15
Steering Committee

Marsha Kline Pruett, examines family dynamics and development with a specialization in the promotion of healthy child and family development during life transitions, particularly those transitions related to adverse events or circumstances. Her clinical research incorporates preventive interventions, consultation, program design and evaluation. 

As a CRF Scholar, Pruett will be developing a grant proposal for a project entitled “Supporting Father Involvement Dissemination: Two Tests of New Applications.” This project aims to reduce child abuse and neglect and enhance family well-being through an intervention that encourages father involvement and couple co-parenting (among married and unmarried parents) in low-income families from various cultural backgrounds, available on a broader basis to the agencies and organizations in Massachusetts who are working to improve the lives of families. Desired outcomes including reduced risk of depression, increased couple or co-parenting satisfaction, reduced stresses related to parenting and work-family, reduced stress as assessed by cortisol levels and family economic stability. 

CRF Grants:

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