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Assistant Professor of Nutrition
Commonwealth Honors College Professor of Nutrition
Family Research Scholar 2013-14
Stress Research Group

Lisa Troy uses the novel application of pattern analysis to examine diet and exercise on chronic disease prevention. She also studies how government programs and policies impact diet quality and public health outcomes. Toward accomplishing these goals, she developed the DGAI_2010, an Index to measure adherence to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  The DGAI_2010 has been used in epidemiologic studies to assess how a diet consistent with federal guidelines relates to chronic diseases of aging such as hip fracture, inflammation, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. As a Family Research Scholar, Dr. Troy is developing a grant proposal entitled, “How Diet and Exercise Improve Sleep: Implications for Diabetes and Heart Disease.”  This research examines diet and exercise patterns in younger (18 to 30 years) and older (50 to 80 years) adults as these age groups may respond differently to diet and exercise given the physiology of aging. Poor sleep at all ages is a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. A better understanding of the ways to improve sleep through diet and exercise will contribute to chronic disease prevention.


CRF Grants:
American Heart Association

"Comparative-effectiveness of exercise plus vitamen D Supplementation on Endothelial Function in Postmenopausal Women"

Proposal Submitted January 13, 2015 

Grant Status: Pending
Lisa Troy